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  1. S

    iPhone 14 volume issues

    I’ve got the iPhone 14 (regular) and ever since I’ve been using it, the volume self adjusts to a lower setting or off completely and won’t vibrate and the ringer is adjusted to full volume. Any ideas, the people at AT&T don’t know a damn thing and we don’t have an Apple Store here, although they...
  2. R

    Moving gmail contacts to iphone

    iPhone 14. First, I have no idea what I'm saying so be patient. I have the iPhone 14 and, as of yesterday, had nine-hundred-sixty-some contacts listed in my phone's contacts app. This AM I have 77. I had my husband see if he could find the missing contacts. He did. This is where it gets...
  3. Henckel15

    Considering switching

    For those of you who switched from android to Iphone is it worth it? I read the s23 will have a 3,900 Mah battery and some are saying its not that much of an upgrade past the s22. I've considered switching to Iphone in the past but I've gotten pretty used to Iphone in general