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    Need urgent help with iOS jailbreak project!

    Hello, can anyone help me with the iOS jailbreak? I am willing to pay for it. I need a tweak developed for my iPhone. Please reach out to me if you are interested. Thank you!
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    Apps suddenly offload

    Recently i have experienced that I’m using an app, I quit it for seconds or minutes and when I come back I see the app offloaded and I have to download it again. My IOS version: 16.1.2 Apps that experienced this problem: Whatsapp Google map YouTube Space left in my phone: 500 MB
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    Been going through iOS 16 new features and I highly recommend that everyone uses Lockdown Mode. Doesn’t matter if you’re an average joe or a politician. If you don’t that’s on you, in a world of increasing cyber attacks you definitely don’t want your private information stolen and sold on the...