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ios 10 upgrade

  1. mikerh

    IOS 11 Update Disaster!

    Hi Everyone I have an iPhone 6. I updated to new IOS 11 other day. Since that, my phone has stopped doing these activities:- - No alerts sounds for Msg, WhatsApp, incoming calls etc.. And yes, I have performed usual checks !!! - Subcriptions to Spotify, Apple tunes, Amazon Prime and 3...
  2. D

    Phone not working as it should after iOS upgrade

    After upgrading my iPhone 6 128GB to iOS10 I noticed my phone looses battery faster and shuts down in colder weather, my bluetooth don't communicate with my car anymore, my running application shows some strange results (GPS problem). All in all I'm very dissapointed in new iOS. Instead making...
  3. L

    Brand new iPhone 6s 64gt upgrade to iOS 10 immediately

    Hi! I have now brand new iPhone 6s 64gt iOS9 without any settings and personalisation. Can I update it to iOS10 (or is clever to update) before I take into use (load apps, do my settings etc)? Or is it clever first do all settings and install apps etc? When I take phone backup, does it backup...