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  1. K

    iMessage data

    I’m wondering how one would retrieve the IP address of incoming iMessage transmissions. Would this info be in the chat.db file? What if I don’t have a Mac PC is it possible to download the SQLite database onto windowS with my iPhone? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. J

    Disable iMessages without iTunes account

    Won't get into the details why, just note it's PHI based. If I have iPhones at work that we want to be able to send standard text messages, but not iMessages, and DON'T have an iTunes account logged into these devices is there a way to set the device up to just receive text messages (the green...
  3. HunnieBunnie

    Spam on iMessages on iPhone?

    This is a new one on me. I was at home last night late whence all of a sudden a text message came in from an unknown number. Upon looking at it, I could see that the same message was sent to quite a few other phone numbers at the same time. I did not know you could do that. Anyway, the...