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icloud unlock

  1. A

    How to unlock icloud

    I want to unlock my iphone lock. IMEI 356955067343033
  2. L

    Successfully bypassed icloud on ios 7.1.2 but no service

    i bypassed icloud on iphone 4 bcz from whome i purchased this iphone is no longer in contact that i can get his icloud id pass so i decided to bypass it and i was successful i set up it as A New Iphone Then signed into icloud with my new id pass everything was ok but when i inserted my sim card...
  3. elsid

    When does iCloud show as unlocked.

    I have a faulty (dead) iPhone 5s purchased off ebay which I intend to repair. The seller told me he has used his ipad remotely to 'set it to reset once phone works'. However when I check the IMEI online with Activation Lock it still shows the activation lock is ON. Is he correct in saying that...