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hey siri

  1. HunnieBunnie

    Siri Unable to Hear Again

    I had this problem a few months ago, and then it improved, but now it seems to have returned. Siri cannot hear what i say and then respond. Everything is turned on in settings. If I shut down the mobile and then reboot it, it usually clears the problem for a little while, but then it returns...
  2. Maura

    “Hey Siri” Helps Mum Call Ambulance and Save Her Little Girl’s Life

    AppleInsider has a really heart-warming story about how Apple’s “Hey Siri” feature helped a mum when she needed to phone the ambulance service in order to save her daughter’s life. Stacey Gleeson from Cairns, Australia, found her 1-year-old daughter, Giana, was not breathing. While trying to...