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    No data plan, Find my iPhone doesn't work.

    Hi I'm an iPhone newbie. A relative has slight dementia. They also have an iPhone 6 with no data plan. We have installed "Find iPhone" in case they get lost but it only seems to work on wifi. Is a data plan necessary? Since my car GPS works without wifi or cell service I thought GPS was...
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    looking for specific GPS/Nav/Mapping functionality

    I am looking for an app that will do something specific and want to see if it exists out there. 1. Allow a user to map their walking route with a high degree of granularity 2. Allow the user to share that map with a second person immediately 3. Allow the second person to follow the map in real...
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    Phone not working as it should after iOS upgrade

    After upgrading my iPhone 6 128GB to iOS10 I noticed my phone looses battery faster and shuts down in colder weather, my bluetooth don't communicate with my car anymore, my running application shows some strange results (GPS problem). All in all I'm very dissapointed in new iOS. Instead making...
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    App to log GPS and Compass

    Hi all, Does anyone know an app which can log both compass and gps values? Ideally at the end of a session I could email myself the data for analysis. Thanks, Charlie