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  1. S

    BUG? "IPhone disabled" without me doing anything (iPhone 6)

    Huge problem: Randomly my iPhone 6 gets disabled. The past days it happened a few times that, after charging my phone, it turned on with the "iPhone is disabled" screen appearing. The times before I just had to wait for a few minutes until it was "enabled" again (and I sort of ignored the it) -...
  2. M

    iOS how to access private file for sharing extension

    I have been trying to access a file with my share extension, if the file is from photos app, I can access it, the path for the file is: file:///var/mobile/Media/PhotoData/OutgoingTemp/11485686-0D4A-4637-AA50-B14D83E18B01/RenderedPhoto/IMG_4807.JPG but when I try to access a file on the...
  3. Maura

    iOS 13 to Include Several “iPad-Focused” Upgrades

    According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to include several new “iPad-focused” features in iOS 13 (codenamed “Yukon”), which is due to be released in 2019. Gurman revealed the new information on his Twitter page with the following tweet in response to a question. “…iOS 13 ‘Yukon’...
  4. Michael Graubart

    Viewing files in iCloud

    I have iPhone 5s (iOS 9.2.1) and a desktop Mac (OS 10.8.5). I have recently set up iCloud on both devices. On the phone, I have installed the iCloud Drive app. On the Mac, I have moved a couple of files into iCloud, but I cannot find out — either in the iCloud app or in Safari — how to view...
  5. H

    Recover old snapchat messages

    Help recover old snapchats on private messages that you haven't saved? Is there a safe way to do this? I have iPhone 6 ios 9.2 PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO SERIOUS. I know snapchats are never really deleted and are saved somewhere on your phone. How do you view them again?!