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  1. Michael Graubart

    Maps: Cannot remove Favorites or searches

    I have an iphone SE with iOS 11.2.1 I have tried to remove stored places for which I have previously searched by swiping left on each of them and tapping 'Remove', but they re-appear — sometimes immediately, sometimes after I have shut the phone down and have later opened it again. My guess is...
  2. polwirtz

    WhatsApp Favorites to many

    Whatsapp puts up all (hundreds) of my x-thousand contacts into my Favorites, just because they do have the Whatsapp app.This makes some sense (to WhatsApp ?) - but I want to delete them ALL together (not one by one!!) and register some 30 real favourites / real friends :) ! Any suggestion ?
  3. C

    Few favorite contacts on home screen

    You guys/gals are awesome! Thanks for the help on my last question. Now I have another. Is there an app or way to put just a few of your contacts on your home screen? I am new to iPhone after years of android and that feature was handy. I think possibly it was a widget. If so how do I access...