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    Can I download text messages?

    I have a long conversation in text messaging that I want to save to show someone, as it proves what I said and what the other person said. Is that possible please? I did check the user manual, but couldn't find it there.... I have an iphone 5 s
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    How to do this

    OK so I'm 65 and new to everything iPhone. Just been gifted an iP 4S with no sim card. ALL I want to do with it is download from my computer a video file on to the 4S, then build the screen side into a scale model. Running the video will give extra dimension to the model. I have a Nokia 1020...
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    Is there anyone alse want to download videos and photos on Instagram?

    Hello guys, Is there anyone else want to download videos and photos on Instagram? I'm using iPhone and search this kind of apps on AppStore, but can't find better app. If you know any, tell me!