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    iphone 11 heat up

    Hi guys. Just made account here to ask you a question. About 3 weeks ago I've bought iphone 11. So after 2 weeks of using it I noticed one thing - when brightness is on 100 percent, DISPLAY at the bottom becoming warm. I do not play games, iphone not charging, I do not run any other heavy...
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    iPhone 5s Display does not work

    Hi, after the fall of the iPhone 5s has stopped displaying the image although the backlight is working normally and the phone starts up, it sounds / vibrates. I tried to play settings by uploading iOS. One time when we tried to turn on the phone the logo was displayed and faded while charging...
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    Display Issue for 5C

    I've re-seated the display cables (a common fix from what I've read) but to no avail. Any speculation on what the problem may be?