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    Did my GF's lock screen reveal something bad?

    Hi all, Upon opening her phone, on the lock screen(?), Tinder appeared for a short second before being replaced by another app in a list of apps. I don't use iphone myself but am I correct in believing these apps are recently used apps? How long after an app is deleted can it still show up on...
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    Recently deleted

    Hello there! Yesterday (around 24 hrs ago) I deleted videos for a movie project in my recently deleted folder due to lack of concentration. :/ My question now is there any way to restore them? (side note: I think I opened itunes for a synchro shortly before I deleted them but I am not sure bc...
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    Recover old snapchat messages

    Help recover old snapchats on private messages that you haven't saved? Is there a safe way to do this? I have iPhone 6 ios 9.2 PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO SERIOUS. I know snapchats are never really deleted and are saved somewhere on your phone. How do you view them again?!