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  1. HunnieBunnie

    Alarms and Sleep

    I need to set an alarm for early tomorrow morning. I always put my mobile on sleep once I retire at night. I do not want to be awoken by calls or emails during the night. So, if I put my mobile on sleep tonight as usual, can I still set an alarm and hear it in the morning?? I hope that...
  2. S

    Variable Schedule Alarm Clock App?

    Hello, I work a job that has very irregular hours. I do shift work with a schedule that repeats every 5 weeks. I start working night shifts Monday night thru Thursday night, work day shifts the following Monday thru Wednesday, work night shifts Friday night thru Sunday night, and then finally...
  3. D

    Does anyone know a motion sensitive alarm clock app for iOS that does not mute SMS sounds?

    #1 I've been using "Sleep Cycle" app on my iPhone for a while now. I really like the concept -- it uses the built-in accelerometer to track when I'm in certain stages of sleep, which the app uses to wake me up just before the scheduled time when I'm not in a deep sleep. It's way better than an...