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  1. corndog

    Blackberry Messenger(BBM) FOR IPHONE 4 ???

    AFAIK kik messenger isn't available for BB users anymore, they yanked it from appworld. Not sure if they ever restored it.
  2. corndog

    weather app

    Oh man. I have every freakin' weather app out there lol. The most "droidish" looking one is Weather+. Aesthetics are very nice.
  3. corndog

    Rearth Ringke Silicone iphone 4 case

    those look really nice. might look into them when I get in the mood for a silicone case, I've been staying away from them because of the usual silicone case problems like lint. Definitely worth a look and great review!
  4. corndog

    best thinner gel case for IPhone 4

    I'm not sure of the material it's made of, but SwitchEasy has a case called "Nude" and it's 1mm thick I believe. their site is
  5. corndog

    Review - Atomic Hybrid case

    Yeah, I'd think it's a bit deep for docks or 3rd party connectors, but I haven't personally tried any. I measured the depth and it is 5mm, hope that helps anyone wondering. Headphones/earbuds may be a problem too, I can see them not fitting if they have the right-angled connector. The depth of...
  6. corndog

    Review - Atomic Hybrid case

    Just my two cents. I had looked at some of the responses people have given about this case and some were pretty negative, but I went for it anyway. I thought the price was pretty steep but once I received it, I saw why - it looks too slick to be cheap. It took 7 days from the time I ordered for...
  7. corndog

    Naked iPhone 4 questions

    I kept mine naked for a while, and during that time I did get a couple of minor scratches on it. I think it's a bit more resistant to scratches than any other phone because on a few occasions I've bumped it and thought oh no, I bet it scratched. and it didn't. I think if you like your phone...
  8. corndog

    just saying hello.

    I feel like an idiot in these "introduce yourself" forums but I know people around here like for us to start here. I've been lurking for a long time, just never participated. I feel like I'm "fanboy" enough to do that now. while I'm not a mac head or an apple fiend, I do enjoy my iPhone a great...