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  1. Cinodor

    iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 stuck at Repringing

    I downloaded some tweak from Cydia and is said resrping device. I did and now it's stuck in the respring phase. I've tried- Hold home and power for 30 seconds Hold it and when it powers off immediately release and let reboot Rebooting and holding home button for 6-7 minutes (said it worked for...
  2. Cinodor

    New Social Group - iPhone 4 Addicts

    Cinodor has created a new social group called "iPhone 4 Addicts", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
  3. Cinodor

    Otterbox Defender Shipment Email

    I'm so excited.. lol i just received a email from OtterBox saying my order will be shipped 8/12 here is the email, to bad i start school 8/12.. Dear Valued OtterBox Customer, Thank you so much for your patience with your new OtterBox Defender Series™ for iPhone® 4 order. We...
  4. Cinodor

    iPhone 4 Jailbreak Pictures

    Homepage SBSettings SMS Background Lockscreen Lol My Signal..
  5. Cinodor

    How to Fix MMS and Facetime After Jailbreak

    You just jailbroke your iPhone and you are not receiving MMS and Facetime is not working, well this is what i did to Fix it.. its easy First open Cydia, and then do they Complete Upgrade that should pop up after it is done it should be required to Reboot then do it, after it Reboots open up...
  6. Cinodor

    Jailbreaking Now Legal?

    Remove please, did not see on front page was abount legal JB
  7. Cinodor

    1-888-Facetime Shutdown?

    So, i called a Apple Representative and said that 1-888-facetime wasn't working on my iPhone 4 and she said that it got canceled a week ago ( i called a week ago Thursday the 15th) does anyone know if this is true?
  8. Cinodor

    iPhone 4 Video Quality Test (NOT HD) This is a Video quality test for the iPhone 4's Camera, not edited or anything, not rendered in HD Just straight from the camera, and some dude said i sounded stoned? wtf.. lol im 14..
  9. Cinodor

    Doodle Jump Update

    The wait is FINALLY over! The most amazing Doodle Jump update is now out! And it is two updates in one! iOS4 multitasking and an EPIC underwater theme! Explore the incredible new underwater world with both funny and frightening sea monsters and beautiful coral reefs. Happy Summer! Quote...
  10. Cinodor

    OtterBox Series Out For iPhone 4.

    OtterBox Defender Series Today, July 20th OtterBox release there famous case, the Defender series. currently you can only buy the cases in black, the defender series will run you $49.95. The defender case is a great case for protection, i am going to get the defender, sure it hides the beauty...
  11. Cinodor

    Facetime Anyone

    If anyone wants to try facetime, just PM Me your number, ill call you, then delete it from recent calls and messages.
  12. Cinodor

    FAQ "How do i save Battery life"

    Step 1- Turn 3G off when not using it, To do so go to Settings> General> Network> Enable 3G OFF Step 2- Turn off Bluetooth when not using it, to do so go to Settings>General>Bluetooth>OFF Step 3- Turn off wifi if you’re not using it, Settings>Wi-Fi>Off. Step 4- Turn off Push Notifications...
  13. Cinodor

    Otterbox Series for iPhone 4

    Does anybody here know when Otterbox is suppose to release there iPhone 4 case series? because I'm getting tired of my temp case.. (Griffin Reveal). and when i buy it is there any way i can like donate my case or something..
  14. Cinodor

    Cinodor Here

    Wow, old post.