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  1. THAT911GUY

    Pioneer head unit with iphone support

    Hey guys, I recently had a Pioneer head unit installed in my car. It supports ipod/iphone via usb hook ups in the front (as well as an aux imput on the front if i dont have my usb cord). My problem is that when I use the USB cable I can listen to my itunes fine, but when I switch it to "app...
  2. THAT911GUY


    so i just installed my Zagg invisible shield. I bought the complete protection (front, back, and sides). it wasn't quite as easy as the videos made it, but it was pretty simple. very satisfied with it. Everyone at work was just staring over my shoulder which didnt help at all. lol Very...
  3. THAT911GUY

    .01 cent case

    just thought i would post this and see if anyone had any luck with these guys. its 3.99 shipping. but for 4$ it cant be awful. lol
  4. THAT911GUY

    Discount codes

    just thought it would be nice to have a discount codes thread. ill start it with a 10 dollar off of otterbox for iphone 4. AMIPH4071A btw thats a multiuse code, not a 1 timer
  5. THAT911GUY

    Invisible Shield discount

    hey im sorry if this is a re-post, but if you sign up to win the free ipad you get a discount code sent to your email. i got 30%off total order of 3 items or less. just thought i would pass that along. after the discount code the order was 20.50 or so. thats 10$ cheaper than best buy...
  6. THAT911GUY

    OTTERBOX finally avaliable

    my iphone 4 came in today, and i just got word that otterbox has their boxes. you can order them on the site. i got excited so i figured i would pass the word on to you guys. iPhone 4 Cases //