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  1. chazzw

    Cydia is Down

    Looks like Cydia is getting hammered. Haven't been able to connect for ages now. This happens every time a new JB comes out
  2. chazzw

    The OFFICIAL Jailbreak Updates Thread

    Limera1n link here > Im going to test this now.... Update 9/10 - Geohot’s Return with Limera1n is REAL ! Can Jailbreak all iOS 4.1 Devices for Life! Info Here - Limera1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak is REAL [Confirmed] | Redmond Pie Update 8-10 @ 9:30 BST by Chazzw -...
  3. chazzw

    SHAtter Exploit will Jailbreak All Existing iOS Devices Forever !

    Well I thought this was a myth.... and I am very happy that im wrong! This is both good and bad news.... Good becuase it means less mucking about with future releases Bad becuase its Tethered (Need to connect to PC everytime you reboot) For Twitter users, follow these guys for the most up to...
  4. chazzw

    Official - NO Jailbreak for 4.0.2 / 3.2.2

    Just seen this on DevTeams site: Link Here >> CLICK ME GENTLY....... Now I have to be honest, I am not suprised by this. I think they are being smart waiting for 4.1 At Least this answers everybodys questions now....
  5. chazzw

    Hate Closing loads of Backrounded Apps All the Time? Look here

    There is an awesome SBSetting add on called Remove Background SBSettings that once clicked closes all your apps running in the background at once. I personally think the apple multitasking is a waste of time and love this add on.... just thought Id share it with you guys.... get it from Cydia...