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  1. scifan57

    iPod Anniversary

    20 years ago today Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod. It had a 5gb hard drive, LCD screen and a click wheel to navigate through your music.
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    Fraud Alert

    If you see this when you’re browsing the web do not click on anything. It is 100% scam designed to steal personal information from you.
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    Apple wins Epic Games anti-trust lawsuit

    Earlier today it was announced that Apple has won the anti-trust lawsuit brought by Epic Games. The only major takeaway was that Apple will have to allow developers tell their users about alternate payment systems...
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    California Streaming

    On September 14th, Apple will host a live event where it is expected that the iphone 13 will be announced as well as the announcement of the public release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey.
  5. scifan57

    iOS 15

    One of the most important features of iOS 15 is that the Find My app will still be able to track a lost or stolen iPhone even if it’s been turned off or factory reset. Activation Lock has to be turned on in advance to be able to track a factory reset iPhone...
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    2021 Cathedral Village Arts Festival

    Here are two shots of this years official mural.
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    WWDC 2021

    Apple has announced the all online WWDC 21 from June 7-11. The theme this year is “And away we code”. The keynote will be on the morning of June 7 where we will learn about the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. We should also see presentations of new apps and app developers. There could...
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    Spring Loaded

    Apple has announced a special event on April 20. New iPads and more are expected.
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    WWDC 2021

    Apple has announced the dates for WWDC21. It will take place on June 7-11. This year will also be an online virtual conference like last year. This years theme is Glow and behold.
  10. scifan57

    One More Thing

    Today at 10:00 AM Pacific time Apple is expected to announce the public release of macOS 11 Big Sur and the new Arm based Macs.
  11. scifan57

    Hi Speed - October Apple Event

    Apple has announced an event for October 13th where the new iPhone models with 5G capability are expected to be announced.
  12. scifan57

    watchOS 7

    Apple has announced that watchOS 7 will be available for series 3 and later. This means that the latest update for series 1 and 2 will be whatever the last version of watchOS 6 that is released.
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    iOS 14

    Here’s the new app library on my iPhone XS. To get to the app library you swipe to the left on your last home screen. If you tap on the multiple icons at the bottom right of one of the folders it will open up and show all the apps in that folder. If there’s no multiple icons section in a folder...
  14. scifan57

    WWDC 2020

    This year Apple is moving to an online only format for WWDC. It will take place starting on June 22nd. Registered developers will be able to participate online in presentations and workshops. The Keynote will be available for viewing by the general public.
  15. scifan57

    Apple releases new iPhone SE

    Earlier today Apple announced the release of an updated iPhone SE, which features an A13 Bionic chip, Touch ID and a 4.7” display. iPhone SE: A powerful new smartphone in a popular design Preorders start at 5:00AM PDT on April 17th. It can be ordered from the Apple store app, the Apple online...
  16. scifan57

    Syncing apps to your iOS 13 iPhone XS

    I’ve just discovered that the special version of iTunes that still has the App Store,, will sync with an iOS device on iOS 13. Here’s a photo of one of my MacBook Pros connected to my iPhone XS. It’s showing the screen used for syncing apps to your device. The MacBook Pro is on El...
  17. scifan57

    Last Compatible App Version

    A few days ago I tried to download an app onto my third generation iPod touch. Normally I'd expect to be offered the last compatible version of the app. Apparently this feature no longer exists in the App Store. This also means that if you restore your iPhone or other device from a backup those...
  18. scifan57

    ECG app comes to Canada

    On July 22nd, with the release of watchOS 5.3, the ECG app became available to users in Canada. iOS 12.4 on the paired iPhone is necessary for it to appear. For those users on iOS 13 the latest beta version is required. For those on watchOS 6 beta, the 5th beta release earlier today made it...
  19. scifan57

    iOS 13

    Here's an example of Dark Mode in iOS 13.
  20. scifan57

    2019 Cathedral Village Arts Festival

    Here’s a final view of last year’s festival mural before its painted over and the new mural begun early next week. Festival website CVAF