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    iPhone 6 Plus vs the iPhone 6: Battle of Specs

    Ordered the 6 plus for the better specs & screen
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    Incase update: the Incase slider is a nice looking case but be forewarn if you have a invisible skin like I do on the front or back, it won't slide in unless you take the skin off or might risk damaging the edges of the skin.
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    Screen protector - Yes or No ?

    I have a Zagg Invisible Shields Dry front & back and it works great even though you don't need one but it doesn't hurt just in case.
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    What's the main use of your iPhone4

    Phone & texting browsing the internet Music & movies
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    Im new here .

    iPhone does not collect info on you, they are talking about the location services that's enabled on the iPhone that can track your location & you can just turn that off but you'll need it on for GPS, Google, etc. As for taking pictures, not that I know of & I doubt it very much.
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    New iPhone convert

    Hey iPhone forum, just switched from being a long time BB user to the iPhone a week ago & so far so good. Looking forward to learning new tricks from the experience members on here. Happy Easter everyone!
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    I bought the Otterbox Commuter case off Ebay for around $17 which is pretty good except for the rubber piece that might curl in, just needed to play around with it to pop out since it's a thin strip. I also ordered the Incase slider, will post an update when I get it.