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  1. Atomic77

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    yep IOS 14.4 my iPhone 8 is just updating now.
  2. Atomic77

    Can’t receive calls

    Wow that is weird.
  3. Atomic77

    Pre-paid option(s) for iPhone 7?

    A good option for a low cost phone carrier would be total wireless. they use verizon towers so it may take a process to get the questioned phone on to that network. the plan I am on is $35 a month 6gb data and unlimited talk and text. you would have to buy a card and put a code in your phone...
  4. Atomic77

    need help after battery replacement

    Oh my gosh how does anyone remember anything with so much going on these days. I know some computers and phones will remember passwords for some things.
  5. Atomic77

    iOS 14

    I was wondering what that was. I think the app library is cool too.
  6. Atomic77

    IPhone 4 iOS 7

    Oh my gosh people still use the iPhone 4? thats like uber old technology. I myself started out with a 6 and now I have a 8.
  7. Atomic77

    IPhone 8 soon to be mine.

    I just put a Otter Box Commuter and a glass screen protector on it.
  8. Atomic77

    Iphone 6s

    Hmm This is interesting. I did not know about a recall. My Dad and Stepmom have a 6s. I have a normal 6 But now I am using a iPhone 8.
  9. Atomic77

    iPhone owners average age

    I just became a 43 year old October 15, 2020.
  10. Atomic77

    Post your lock screens!

  11. Atomic77

    Post your lock screens!

    I love your lock screens.
  12. Atomic77

    iPhone 7 or8

    By the way the iPhone 8 can be charged with the standard usb lightening cable that most iPhones and tablets and other things have. I should know I have a iPhone 8 now.
  13. Atomic77

    Apple giving the boot to outdated model updates

    iPhones can be expensive if your going for the most up to date technology. I was just recently given a iPhone 8 for free from a friend because my iPhone 6 was no longer going to support a game I was playing and a friend had upgraded to a better phone.
  14. Atomic77

    IPhone 8 soon to be mine.

    I think so because all the stuff that i had on it is on this phone.
  15. Atomic77

    IPhone 8 soon to be mine.

    I finally got my iPhone 8 working. Turns out it was locked had to go to the AT&T site to get it to switch over to Total Wireless.
  16. Atomic77

    IPhone 8 soon to be mine.

    The last I heard from the friend the iPhone might be coming over tonight. The Friend just got there new phone up and running.
  17. Atomic77

    iPhone 7 or8

    I don’t know if anyone on here is professional. The only professionals would be the ones that who work for apple or some other big technology company.
  18. Atomic77

    iPhone 7 or8 I guess I am mistaken once again. I also agree that the 8 will probably be a better choice than the 7 and will probably survive a bit longer as for being supported.
  19. Atomic77

    iPhone 7 or8

    Hmm that’s interesting. I thought the 6s and the 6 were just about the same thing. The only difference being that the S was a little bit bigger in size. My Parents have a 6S.
  20. Atomic77

    iPhone 7 or8

    hmm that is weird. What makes 6S so special? my normal 6 can't even get IOS 13.