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    Screen Protectors?

    I just purchased one for the front and back screen protectors on ebay. Can't go wrong w/ Spigen's screen protectors! SPIGEN SGP iPhone 5 Screen Protector Steinheil Dual Series [Ultra Optics] | eBay
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    Apple Sends Out Oct. 23rd Press Invite: 'We've got a little more to show you.'

    I thought the Apple Mini was just a rumor, but I guess it's actually being released!
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    What iphone 4 cases do you recommend?

    I like how you summarized your opinion in one short sentence! I have been using my OtterBox Defender as well for a few months, but I switch my case time to time because I like to try out other products out on the market.
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    Has anyone tried Pinlo cases ?

    Thin but simple and clean cut. Just need to be extra cautious I guess.
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    New iPhone 4 tripod

    I've seen this before, but I didn't know the whole story behind the invention by local boys. Looks decent product.
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    Calendar in wrong time zone

    As DannyBoy has stated previously, go to settings and check ur time zone.
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    Any Bluetooth Headset Recommendations?

    As long as the product does its job, I don't think the price is an issue. Glad that's working out for you!
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    Invisibleshield or not?

    I believe it's better to have a protector film than not to.
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    Neo Hybrid EX cases

    I'm considering the Color Series. This one seems to have a silicone body and a frame while the EX series is like a bumper/frame. I looked back at the site and the protector films are included with the case.
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    Excited for tomorrow! Getting my Beats Pro's!!

    They look nice! For musicians out there like my friend who DJs would want one for sure. Thanks for the share.
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    Neo Hybrid EX cases

    Has anyone purchased the new SGP Neo Hybrids/Ex yet?? I saw that they are on 2nd pre-orders now. Anyone receive it from the 1st pre-orders?? I am considering one in dante red. SGP Neo Hybrid Case
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    Ultra Slim bumper

    any other pros & cons to this bumper?
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    The Vapor: One slick iPhone 4 case

    I just have to say one word...DITTO!
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    Machined iPhone 4G Cases - anyone ordered one?

    it looks like one of those heavy metal instrumental cases that I've seen at airports. haha
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    Carbon Fiber Skin for iPhone 4

    Not bad.
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    The Vapor: One slick iPhone 4 case

    I'm considering this one as my next case. I guess no one will stop me from buying?
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    ultra thin review

    I finally received my Ultra-Thin in Soul Black (Pastel Series) that I bought last week from It came in one of those typical SGP store packaging. First of all, the case was real easy to place it onto the iPhone 4. It’s one of those snap on types that fits right on...
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    best screen protector

    The SGP Ultra Crystal works for me.
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    Apple bump case is a ripoff

    I was just about to say the same thing. Haha.
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    new to iphone and need a case solution

    Perhaps, Otterbox..??