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  1. HowardBrazee

    iPhone sees old and new Mac

    My wife got a new iMac and migrated everything over. After installing, it she texted fine from her Mac to iPhones - but it took a couple of days to try sending to an Android phone. I found the trouble - going into her iPhone 7+ IOS 11.0.3, to settings, messages, Text Message Forwarding...
  2. HowardBrazee

    Handing my old phone down to a family member.

    I have a family plan with Verizon. I'm getting a new phone for Christmas, and will give my old iPhone 4s to my son. I wish to keep as much as I can on my old phone as I can safely can for my son to use. Verizon already is set up with what it needs except for setting up the phone numbers...
  3. HowardBrazee

    Contacts smart groups

    Why don't I see my Mac Contacts smart groups on my phone?
  4. HowardBrazee

    Telling iCloud accounts apart

    I wanted to send myself a reminder, so I opened "reminder" on my iPhone, and saw four lists: Family - "Shared with howardbrazee..." Family - "iCloud" Family - "Shared with HowardBraz..." Reminders I don't know which to add my reminder to (I want to remember to ask my mother something when I...
  5. HowardBrazee

    Is the Apple watch a good solution for "can't get up" old folk?

    The ad "I've fallen and I can't get up" devices can also call for help when someone falls down - without having to call. But it doesn't help if someone just can't get out of the bath tub. Do people wear Apple Watches in tubs and showers? Is it a good way for someone to get help? Does...
  6. HowardBrazee

    Getting iPhone texts to my Mac

    I have a friend who texts me from his iPhone. I'm sitting at my Mac, with its Messages app opened, and later on notice the message on my iPhone. Then I reply from my Mac, which allows me to use a real keyboard. I guess he probably sends it to my phone number, as we have had conversations...
  7. HowardBrazee

    Source for "Whose Phone Is This?".

    I use my wife's iCloud account, as she doesn't want to keep up contacts, and unlike the calendar account, we can't share our contact libraries any other way. I just asked my phone "Whose phone is this.". It's already been reported that Siri misspells this question. But what is interesting...
  8. HowardBrazee

    Clean and replace glass screen protector

    My wife's iPhone button was sticking, so we took it to the Apple Store and they fixed it for free - but they took off her tempered glass screen protector, which now is dirty on the sticky side. Is there any way to clean this and have it still work?
  9. HowardBrazee

    Accept "Find My Friends" without e-mail on phone.

    My grandson invited me to his "Find My Friends". I got an e-mail on my Mac (I don't want to get e-mail on my phone). It got me to this link Find My Friends which said: Find My Friends To share your location with (my grandson's name & e-mail), download the Find My Friends app from the App...
  10. HowardBrazee

    Finding app on iTunes

    I didn't know where to post this message. Every time iTunes changes, I dislike it more. But I don't really have a choice. My question is - using iTunes, how do I find a particular app that I wish to move to a different folder on my phone? I tried right clicking the app when I search...
  11. HowardBrazee

    Copying an event

    I play golf every Tuesday, and then, if the next Tuesday is available, reserve a tee time for then. I really would like to immediately copy my previous round of golf to the new date and time in my calendar app. I have bought "Calendar Tools" to assist me in this, but it is easier to make a...