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    Can't add facetime contact

    I have Iphone SE (new one)... my brother has iphone 6... I tried to call him on iphone... his name in my contact list does NOT show Facetime... how do I get it set up so we can call each other on Facetime? I see nothing in the phone that lets me get facetime on his name.. I talked to my...
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    Sound Alert Problem!! HELP!!

    good morning. I am using the iphone 5s All was working good yesterday... no issues.. suddenly it will no longer ring when I get a message... sounds are set, ringer sound is up high, All the alert settings are same as the always have been.. I rechecked them all and rechecked them 3...
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    WhatsApp on Iphone

    Last year, I was using a Nokia Windows Phone... when the power went out and the net wasn't working ... I was still able to use my Whatsapp on the Nokia Phone... (messaging chat system) I noticed with the iphone, when the power went out few minutes ago .. therefore net wasn't working.. I had...
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    video send

    Good evening I am using Iphone 5S on my phone, I have a 23 second video in a file called "home videos" how do I send this short video to someone on Whatsapp? when I select send file, and then click on send existing video, it takes me to the camera roll.. my video is in another area...
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    Call Failed

    I have iphone 5s the other day, I tried to dial a number to make call... it don't ring, gives me "Call Failed" and does nothing... I later tried to make another call by dialing the number, got again, "Call Failed" this person I had in my phonebook listing so went to my contact's name and...
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    received messages/phone NOT notifiying

    I use Whatsapp every day, several times a day to communicate with my son and daughters in India..I use the iphone 5S ... Iave checked all my settings and they are set correctly from what I can see... I was sent two messages yesterday, both messages, I NEVER got a notification that I had...