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  1. pc747

    How do you protect your kids from what they can access

    First credit to who actually came up with this, @CJM, but in this day in age you can access any and everything with a search. Whether by typing or by voice we now have access to a wealth of information. This in part is what Google and many tech companies have strive for, the ability for any one...
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    Hey guys I have offically joined the apple army

    I am big on android and love the platform so much that I want to jailbreak my iphone to use dreamboard for the android themes. But as far as devices I am going to apple. I am excited about the 5 and am waiting and counting down with you guys.
  3. pc747

    Help Alabama and the rest of the south

    Please take the time to pray and provide the assistance you can to our brothers in the south. Thanks..... I will be providing links to places that could use donations. Taken from here: Alabama Tornado 2011: How to Help Storm Victims - ABC News The links below should send you to...
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    Vzw Iphone 5 releasing in June with ATT I5?

    Continuing the discussion from droid forums.
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    Any wifi tethering apps on cydia for vzw iphone

    Title says it................
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    This is who we are

    About a year ago I wanted to root my droid. All we had as guides were the rootyourdroid website and a bunch of long guides that made it hard to follow. I was afraid and though I did root, i did not understand it and I was afraid of what I did to my device. Then sholesmod came around and...
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    Why u should buy your iphone from best buy

    As a former iphone user I never understood why other devices get extended warranty protection but the iphone dont. One thing I love about my droid is that if it does get damaged, lost, or stolen I can pay the deductible and get a new device. I watched my brother go through issues with his screen...
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    Verizon+AT&T iPhone 4 will put the Droid platform to bed in 2011

    continued discussion from droid forums:
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    Are you getting the Verizon iphone

    Continued discussion from droid forums.
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    Why are people mad that verizon is getting the iphone.

    Continued discussion from droid forums.
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    Welcoming Iphone users

    I am a member of one of the sister sites. As a former iphone user I know what features it offers and the goods. I want to invite apple users to this thread to discuss their love of the device. It will be to allow people to discuss in an intelligent way the goods/bads and any thing they like...
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    how is it going

    I am a former iphone 3gs user