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    iphone 4 fell into the water

    Accidentally, my iphone 4 fell into the water, then it can not start.:( How to do, and who can help me? Thank you very much.:confused:
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    What is the focal length of the iPhone camera?

    Thank you for your response.
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    fun iphone games?

    Thank you for your response. Angry birds is very interesting.
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    IPhone 3G cannot find Wi-Fi networks. Help!?

    My iPhone isn't able to find any Wi-Fi networks. Before this, we had the Wi-Fi button grayed out, so we restored it to fix it. It is no longer grayed out but it cannot find any networks. Every now and again I can connect. It has iOS 4.2.1 and Modem Firmware 05 15.04
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    IPhone functional issues?

    I have had this phone foe three months and have been pleased. As of late, however, when Internet the phone does not flip from vert to horizontal. In addition, sometimes a page will freeze, perhaps the type keys get stuck every no and then and you sense a delay in some of the functions some of...
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    Facebook App On iPhone Problem Help 10Pts?

    why is it so slow? is it because i have 2 fb accounts and i sign out and sign in into another one? also, how come i ALWAYS have to refresh the page in order to read new messages and to get rid of the old one for anything in general??
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    Help! Camera stopped working!

    Sounds like a hardware issue. You can restore to TRY to fix it, but I highly doubt it will affect it at all. You're in the new phone boat, my friend. If your iPhone is less than a year old, Apple should fix it for free. Otherwise, unless you have the extended warranty, you're camera-less or new...
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    How to save videos from webpages??

    My previous method was to use the Video Downloader extension in Firefox. I found it to be somewhat buggy and annoying to use. Keepvid is much simpler.
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    What is the focal length of the iPhone camera?

    More importantly, what is the equivalent focal length relative to a 35mm film camera? I have an iPhone 3G. Is the camera focal length different for the newer iPhones?
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    fun iphone games?

    I want to find some really fun games for my iphone, who can introduce some games to me? Thank you very much.
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    Is there a Twitter App for Iphone 4??

    Yes, there is. Here are some review of the twitter app in Best Twitter Apps for iPhone. You can visit the site to find what you need.
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    Twitter for iPhone problem. Someone help?

    This is driving me crazy! My friend and I both have the same Twitter app for iPhone (The official one) and the same version of this app. When he goes into the trending topics, in the bottom left of his screen he has a little dog tag symbol. If he taps that, it shows him a definition of why...
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    No iphone 5?!

    No iphone 5?! so what am i supposed to buy? I waited so long.
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    Is it OK to use NOT apple wall charger for your Ipod Touch?

    I just checked and it all about under $5. I bought one 4 months ago and now it broke. Now, if i want to charge i have to connect with my laptop and plug in USB. Or do i have to buy a REAL apple wall charger $29? I don't want that thing (idk what its called) to get that scratch a lot..
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    Iphone 4 Charger not supported?

    I got a new Iphone 4 in the mail yesterday after my old one had a speaker problem, everything was fine, and then all of a sudden today I plug it up to charge and it says that the charger is not supported on this device and would not charge at all.The phone is not jailbroken, and the charger i...
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    Iphone 4 Charger not supported?

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    How to become an iPhone OS beta tester?

    Since iPhone OS 4.0 was announced on April 8th I want to be able to test out the beta's of the os. How much is it and what exactly can I do besides beta testing or is that all you get? Please post a link. Do I have to install software on my computer and is it an annual fee?
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    Can someone tell me what iphone 4 game app this is?

    I was in AT&T yesterday and I was messing around with the new iphone 4 and I was playing this game app on it and it was really fun. The game starts out with water dripping down and you have to get a bucket of some sort and adjust it in a certain direction to make it go inside another barrel to...
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    What online shop has a good offer to get iphone 4 accessories cases ?

    What online shop has a good offer to get iphone 4 accessories cases ? I hope you can recommend a good shop with a good offer as well. Thanks
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    How to deal with iPhone 4 proximity sensor problem ?

    I got an iPhone 4, had that problem with the proximity sensor, I heard that this is a widespread problem with iPhone 4. Should I return my phone back to the store, or is it something with all iPhone 4s. Thanks