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    unc0ver jailbreak issues

    I have been using the unc0ver jailbreak with my phone running 13.4.1 In the past I noticed that after awhile things would start malfunctioning on my phone - programs not working right, email not loading, search not working, just strange random issues. Rejailbreaking the phone always fixed it -...
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    way to access deleted iphone safari history?

    I cleared my safari history without realizing it would also delete all the tabs I had open, and I had a lot of them with information I wanted to access. Unfortunately I do not have a recent computer backup of my phone, but I believe that safari is covered by my icloud backup. I'm wondering if...
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    altstore + unc0ver jailbreak question

    Thanks for your reply scifan - make everything clear - very helpful! Is there is any other jailbreaking method for iOS 13 you would recommend that requires less maintenance than the alt-store one?
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    altstore + unc0ver jailbreak question

    I recently used altstore and unc0ver to jailbreak my iphone 7+ but I'm not very familair with the altstore app as I'd never used it before. I have a couple of questions about how it works. First, it seems the alstore and unc0ver expire and need to be refreshed every 7 days - but to refresh...