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  1. Atomic77

    IPhone 8 soon to be mine.

    My Iphone 6 is starting to get dated for what I need it for my favorite game Pokemon Go so a good friend of mine is going to be giving me her unlocked Iphone 8 as she has upgraded to a Iphone 11. I should be getting the old phone as soon as she is able to get her new one working.
  2. Atomic77


    I just recently put a spin pop on the back of my iPhone 6 it is really cool. It’s a lot like a pop socket. They are only $5.15 so they are a great alternative to the more expensive ones.
  3. Atomic77

    Why an iphone?

    ever since I got a hold of my first iPhone on December 25, 2018 I often wondered what makes iPhones so special from other cell phones out there. For me personally it’s the ability to do Pokémon Go and also the fact you can check your email and do things that you can do on a computer when your...
  4. Atomic77

    Total Wireless

    My iphone is through Total Wireless. its $35.00 for 6Gb data a month using cards.I believe total uses verizon. I also have unlimited talk and text.
  5. Atomic77

    hello y'all

    Hi I am new here My name is Atomic77. my real name is Thomas. I just got a iphone 6 for christmas 2018. I also have a ipad mini 2. I am 41 years old.
  6. Atomic77

    Brand New iphone 6

    For christmas I just was gifted a iphone 6. It is really cool. I put a otterbox on it for protection. Its my first ever iphone i ever had.