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  1. DonMecca81

    iPhone 7... Lightning DAC's

    Does anyone know much about DAC's (digital to analogue converters) and have any recommendations when it comes to ones with lightning adapter connection and aren't battery pack powered headphone amplifiers? Looking for lightning adapter and powered by phone, not 3.5mm headphone jack and battery...
  2. DonMecca81

    iPhone 7+ vs Galaxy S8+ Pros Cons And Comments

    I knew the galaxy S8 was comming when I decided to purchase the iPhone 7 Plus, and I am happy with my decision. I've used android since it's birth way back and iPhone 7 Plus since it went on sale, so months. For me the iPhone 7 runs faster, apps are less buggy, menus are laid out well, speakers...
  3. DonMecca81

    Battery charging question.

    Thanks for the addition, forgot the mention not to leave it run down for any length, assumed most would recharge immediately but assuming make an ASS out of U and ME.... hence the saying of ASS U ME.
  4. DonMecca81

    2nd "telephoto" lens sucks??

    Use a paid app like ProCam 4 which lets you lock which lens u wish to use to shoot from, and u can also lock the focus to keep it from trying to refocus every time the scene changes. This is a known issue with stock camera/app and can be very annoying when trying to capture professional quality...
  5. DonMecca81

    iPhone 7 Bluetooth connection

    Are you leaving the music playing and not touching the phone? Just wondering if it could be some sort of sleep mode or ram clearing kicking in and killing your connection. If u have any other Bluetooth headphones or can borrow some try and see if the same thing happens. This way you can label...
  6. DonMecca81

    My comparison of both photos

    To get the portrait mode to work u must have the object 2.5 meters away from your iPhone minimum. That's why you aren't getting the boca and blurred background showing up the way it is meant to. Not a rude comment just some constructive criticism. Drink looks refreshing though. ✌️
  7. DonMecca81

    Battery charging question.

    Today's phones have the technology that when your phone reaches its max charge the charging stops and the phone will run, once the lower charge threshold is met the phone charger will kick in again and top up the battery, this cycle continues until u unplug your charger. So long story short plug...
  8. DonMecca81

    Can I sell my brand new iPhone 7 Plus on eBay?

    Just a little tip, look in to carrier/sim unlocking done through apple servers. If done this way it will stay unlocked through any wipes/formats and such. Breaking lose from your carrier and opening up the potential buyers to anyone will greatly increase your phones value thus giving u a faster...
  9. DonMecca81

    Has anyone else had problems downloading new apps or data from App Store or iTunes?

    If you are not jail broken and only using apps from the apple App Store you cannot get a virus. There is always a way to do things with technology but as for now if you aren't jail broken you are safe. Search for an antivirus app in the App Store, you won't find any. There are security apps but...
  10. DonMecca81

    Video chatting question

    With technology these days you have to conduct yourself as if u could be being watched by anyone, your parents, police, employer, and so on. Even if your chatting privately. Conduct yourself accordingly and their should be no issues. It's sad that some out there chose to exploit those who are...
  11. DonMecca81

    Iphone 7 plus camera

    I use ProCam 4 to shoot RAW. ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW by Samer Azzam ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW on the App Store This app lets u shoot RAW, RAW+JPEG embedded, or also (JPEG 80, 90, 100) or HQ Tiff images, HDR, and is very flexible. It's a paid app but is well worth the money in my...
  12. DonMecca81

    Best iPhone 7 AdBlocker?!?!

    Hi all! I'm just curious as to what adblockers people are using on there iPhones, and why they feel they are the best? I found AdGuard Pro to be a great contender, and it even blocks in-app ads for the majority of apps which is great, but my issue is some ads that are in games need to be viewed...
  13. DonMecca81

    Iphone 7 plus slow

    I have a D-link router and sometimes run into this issue. If u log in to your routers admin setup on some routers, like mine, you can change which connected device gets priority over the others. Maybe if yours has this option you could set your phone as priority 1. If not it sounds as tho there...