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    iTunes movie play on iPad and iPhone?

    Well I bought a movie on my iPad and now I wanna download it on my iPad but when I click buy it says buy movie? Do I have to buy it again for my iPhone ?? Help! Thanks.
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    Album Lock?

    I have a album on my iPhone 4 that I want to lock with a password is there any app or tweak that can do that?
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    Zoom in on iPhone 4 video camera?

    Is there any app or jailbreak tweak that can let me record and zoom in and out like picture camera?
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    Lockinfo on non jailbroken phone?

    Yeah but thats the only way. If you have any shsh blobs from 4.2.8 or before you can use that to downgrade to jailbroken state.
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    Lockinfo on non jailbroken phone?

    If you can get your hands on a developers account on apple you can get iOS 5 beta which has mobile notifier on lockscreen just like lock info except better, either that or jailbreak :/
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    4.2.8 works with jailbreakme but 4.2.9 and up do not work (currently)
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    What's your Theme?

    Show your themes on your iDevice! Mine's RevolveHD for now!
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    has anyone successfully jailbroken verizon iphone running 4.2.10?

    I believe there is a tether jailbreak but no untether for 4.2.10 and if you do not have any shsh blobs saved from 4.2.8 you cannot downgrade no matter what trust me..
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    Get iOS notification lockscreen for iOS 4?

    Where can I get mobile notifier
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    Get iOS notification lockscreen for iOS 4?

    Is there any jailbreak tweak or something to get the iOS 5 notification lockscreen with iOS 4?
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    iPhone Bowl

    Wouldn't it be cool if someone just hollowed out there iPhone and made it into a bowl.
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    2 iDevices Question

    Hi, I was just wandering, I have a iPhone and a iPad and I was wandering since they are both on my same account can i put my apps that are on my iphone on my ipad at the same time???? Just wandering Thanks.
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    Download shsh blobs?

    Oh ok thankyou!
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    Download shsh blobs?

    I know this may sound stupid but is there anyway you can download shsh blobs cause I'm on 4.3.5 on accident and I am wandering anyway I can downgrade to 4.3.3. I don't have any shsh blobs :(
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    iOS 4.2.10????

    What about this? can this work?
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    iOS 4.2.10????

    Well I just want to downgrade to 4.2.8 so I can get my JB back and I dont have any blobs saved :(
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    Any iPhone, iPod touch Chatrooms?

    Hi just wandering if there is any chatrooms out there about iPhone or any iDevice and Jailbreaking etc. If so reply back!
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    iOS 4.2.10????

    Well dang I'm just trying to restore to 4.2.8 so I can JB again but now its stuck in this screen where it has a USB cord and iTunes symbol, any help?
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    iOS 4.2.10????

    Well I was trying to restore my phone back to 4.2.8 which is still unsucessful and now when i restored it said it was downloading 4.2.10 anyone know about this update?????