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  1. mfterka

    Recent App Crashes

    Is anyone else having trouble with apps supposedly updated sine 3/17 crashing? When I try use recently updated twitter/tumblr/weather channel apps they kick me out but where working just fine earlier in the week.
  2. mfterka

    New Owner of i6s+

    Boy is this ever cool. But right now, is there a list of participants in the Apple Pay program?
  3. mfterka

    Editing Tool - *.PNG To *.JPG

    I was using iPhoto to edit any captures on my iPhone becase that automatically turned the photo to a JPG file but now iPhoto is not supported bu iOS 8? Can anyone suggest a substitute? I hate using the editor in the native Photo app as it doesn't convert the saved file to a JPG and it also...
  4. mfterka

    Recommend a Good Tank Game?

    Doesn't have to be free, preferably something with some historical tanks in it. I have an i5s
  5. mfterka

    App for World Cup 2014?

    Can anyone recommend a good app for the upcoming World Cup 2014?
  6. mfterka

    iCloud Email Accidentally going to VIP List??

    I sent a test message from my iCloud address but it failed to reach the targeted email address entirely, instead going to those listed on my VIP list??
  7. mfterka

    Hows The New iTunes Working Out?

    I haven't d/l it yet - thought I'd hear some "real world" experiences first.
  8. mfterka

    Duplicate Categories Under Photos?

    For some reason in my Photos Album, in addition to Camera Roll (ok) and Photo Stream (ok) folders, I have two other redundant folders, Photo Library & My Photo Stream. Any way of getting rid of the last two whic are just duplicating 6 photos apiece and are just taking up space? I just need the...
  9. mfterka

    Photostream Down?

    Anybody gotten a message that "...Photo Stream has stopped working..."?
  10. mfterka

    Forum Use

    Would it also be appropriate to post discussions of med apps here as well or should that really be confined to the apps section?
  11. mfterka

    The Characters on Grimm Sure Like Their iPhones!

    Anybody watch Grimm?? Sure seems like EVERYONE has an i4/4S. In NO cases either!! I've seen a few on "Person of Interest" and "Hawaii 5-0" but they mainly seem to use Droids.
  12. mfterka

    Photos to iCloud

    Latest iOS upgrade I put Photostream back to "on" in the settings and took a test shot. But the iCloud album still shows empty (the photo does show up in the camera roll) which means I guess the pic wasn't uploaded. I was fully hooked into a strong WiFi Network when I took the shot. Is there...
  13. mfterka

    I'm Liking iOS 5.1

    The quick camera swipe to bring it into action must have politicians and actors everywhere looking over their shoulder...grins. Use of Photo-Stream now is nice too. As well, it seems there is no additional battery drain with more of the apps configured for Location Services. I can kinda take...
  14. mfterka

    iBooks on My Home Computer?

    I have the iBooks app for my 4S but it doesn't show in my iTunes directory on either my home computer or laptop? Even with a few *.PDF files stored in it?
  15. mfterka

    Uploading to iCloud

    Realistically, to upload to iWork in iCloud - be it spreadsheets or word docs, you really need to use Keynote/Pages/Numbers for iOS? I still seem to have trouble u/l M/S Excel to iWorks.
  16. mfterka


    Looks like Match works ok - I ripped some tracks from a CD of mine (Roxy Musics's Avalon) into iTunes and BINGO! They showed up immeadiately on my i4S. I have CD's more recent than that so I'm optimistic Match should work pretty good. I guess I'll have a better idea after a year as to whether...
  17. mfterka

    Uploading To iCloud

    It doesn't always work - I was able to successfully transfer a small txt file from my Windows Desktop PC to iWork>Pages but when I tried to u/l an Excel file to iCloud>iWork>Numbers, it said "Problem u/l spreadsheet - try later" or something. Also, it wouldn't accept a PDF file upload although...
  18. mfterka

    Encryption Apps?

    Anyone use an encryption app for their txts or emails? Seems like there are a few of them out there that could do the job.
  19. mfterka


    Anybody use this app? Supposedly billed as an easy way to share photos between social netwroking sites / end users / news blogs. Its free, just wondering if there is a compelling need to use it, than can't be done with just u/l to a target.
  20. mfterka

    Crummy 3G Coverage Richmond Texas Area

    So today, during the floods sweeping thru Richmond,Tx I decided to do my bit (had the day off) and upload pics and video to local news websites & The Weather Channel. Unfortunately due to lousy cellular transmission rates under 3G I ended up uploading ONE pic taken from my 4S out of the...