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  1. mfterka

    Recent App Crashes

    Awesome - thanks for the input. Rebooted the iPhone and now can use all 3 app again. Real simple solution - wonder what happened? But thanks again.
  2. mfterka

    Recent App Crashes

    Is anyone else having trouble with apps supposedly updated sine 3/17 crashing? When I try use recently updated twitter/tumblr/weather channel apps they kick me out but where working just fine earlier in the week.
  3. mfterka

    New Owner of i6s+

    Thank you. Also I'm glad for these forums. I have learned more about my iPhones on a practical basis than any source so given the new iOS9 I'm going to be here ALOT!! hahaha
  4. mfterka

    New Owner of i6s+

    Boy is this ever cool. But right now, is there a list of participants in the Apple Pay program?
  5. mfterka

    Editing Tool - *.PNG To *.JPG

    Looks like I will have to dedicate a morning to it to get a grip!
  6. mfterka

    Editing Tool - *.PNG To *.JPG

    I DID go and get Adobe PS Touch as it looked like iPhoto isn't being upgraded but man it will take some work to get up to speed on it lol. It looks quite powerfull but also pretty complicated. I'm guessing I will have to dive into the YouTube tutorials to have a chance to get it to work.
  7. mfterka

    Editing Tool - *.PNG To *.JPG

    Thank you very much for your input - both sound interesting and I check them out. For now what I am doing is importing photos from the Camera Roll into Camera+, editing them there, then saving the edits - now turned into jpg format. Adobe sounds interesting.
  8. mfterka

    Editing Tool - *.PNG To *.JPG

    I was using iPhoto to edit any captures on my iPhone becase that automatically turned the photo to a JPG file but now iPhoto is not supported bu iOS 8? Can anyone suggest a substitute? I hate using the editor in the native Photo app as it doesn't convert the saved file to a JPG and it also...
  9. mfterka

    Recommend a Good Tank Game?

    Doesn't have to be free, preferably something with some historical tanks in it. I have an i5s
  10. mfterka

    Official IOS 7 thread.

    Ordered my i5s last friday when available - arrived Monday! Now I have been familiarizing myself with the device (was already using iOS 7 on my i4s) and am liking it alot! Haven't noticed ant degrading of battery life - still 40+ hrs of standby. Just have to give the camera a good workout now!
  11. mfterka

    Official IOS 7 thread.

    This might be helpful once installed - a snapshot of iOS 7: Get to know iOS 7: Meet Apple's new mobile OS | Macworld
  12. mfterka

    Official IOS 7 thread.

    Well iOS7 D/L and installed without a hitch OTA, installed iTunes, did the first sync to new itunes and everything went smooth as silk. Have to say this was one of the more uneventful iOS upgrades. Now to have fun and paractice before ordering an i5s!
  13. mfterka

    Official IOS 7 thread.

    As usual, I come here when there is a new Phone/iOS release and manage to learn more in in 10 min here than anywhere else. Glad I have the day off tomorrow to work thru the night and day familiarizing myself. I'll just pitch a tent here lol
  14. mfterka

    App for World Cup 2014?

    Can anyone recommend a good app for the upcoming World Cup 2014?
  15. mfterka

    Welcome to the iPhone 5S Forum!

    With iOS 7 coming out in a week now I have to come back here more often to lean how to use it lol. I remember when I got my i4S and the iOS upgrade, if it hadn't been for this forum I would have been lost. I learned alot from this forum and am looking forward to iOS 7 and getting familiar with...
  16. mfterka

    Iphone 5- reactions?

    Yeah I noticed the same on my 4S - BIG PLUS and a shout out to iOS6.
  17. mfterka

    iCloud Email Accidentally going to VIP List??

    I sent a test message from my iCloud address but it failed to reach the targeted email address entirely, instead going to those listed on my VIP list??
  18. mfterka

    Whats a good camera app?

    Seems like Camera+ takes care of the no shake issue with a stabilize mode.
  19. mfterka

    iOS 6 Battery Life

    I honestly have no issues with battery life with my i4S on iOS6. Its about the same - 12- 18 hrs of hard usage including talking/surfing or 40 hrs of light / standyby usage.
  20. mfterka

    New app: iPhone's powerful video downloader

    Can you use it to D/L stuff from YouTube?