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    Share your iphone 5 photos here

    Redcliffe beach look out in Australia.
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    Show Your Home Screens

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    Post your lock screens!

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    Daughter gave me iphone I have ipad and iMac. I use phone only for calls. Wise?

    If each device is using a separate sim card then it would be possible for your telco to provide (either online or paper) a bill that itemises each service. Have you called your telco to ask for this?
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    Your very first Mobile/Cell phone

    I had the same one from around 1998 also!!! :):):):):)
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    Random Camera Photo of the Day

    Indeed! I was a young boy when the original Shingle Inn was a running business in Brisbane City and can recall dining there. OT -
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    Hello ~!

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    New member Joined today

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    Hi I'm new

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    Hello from Utah!