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    Skype iOS Update Includes Anti-Shake and Bluetooth

    yeah I read ad's on some other site, so i never updated. Including on my mac, since they updated that as well with apps. Chances are if anti-shake is a big enough feature, eventually it will be included on an iPhone. Knowing apple they may wait for the next iPhone release before implementing...
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    Iphone model ?

    hi phone, that is pretty epic!
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    Dual sim adaption for iphone 4

    yeah the extended battery life does make up for that price. never hurts to have a longer battery life.
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    [ Review] Carbon Fiber Style Case

    it looks cool, but i it looks to much like a cell phone holder (the one people put on their belts or whatever) for me to like.
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    Crime City runs hot

    while (the game is not over) /*<-Most Epic Part Ever*/ { Check Inputs; Check Game state; Execute AI; Move objects; Check Collisions; Display Results; }
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    Déjà Vu, your visual memory (never again loose your pictures)

    that sounds pretty epic, i like deleting everything to keep things organized. But knowing I have access to all of them, gives me some piece of mind.
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    Deployed soldier with limited Ianything knowledge

    Hey man, i'm no expert in the subject, but I thought i'd at least help you bump this thread up. If it is showing a sign of a pineapple i believe that means your phone is jailbroken. So the first thing you are going to want to do is restore it. You need to start your iPhone up in OFU (?) mode...
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    My Accelerometer Is Broken

    Well if you still have warranty just take it in, you can make an appointment online i believe. I only know that the orientation can be fixed by turning it off and on, that might actually be able to fix some of these other little tweaks. Although I am not too sure about the battery. But if it...
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    First look at the NEW iphone 5?

    Yeah apple loves giving people a reason to want it. Then you have the anti-culture people who hate apple but have their devices. Then there are the fanboys that love everything they make. After that you get those can't be pleased fans who can't get over the fact that the device is not perfect...
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    New user

    Have you ever tried windows? What do you think about it?
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    Apple Posts Staggering Record Third Quarter Results

    Something about how apple should enjoy its success now before there new ___ is released, which would of course only be over shadowed by whatever apple has next.
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    Upgrade documentation needed

    I hope it's not your wife/girlfriend your arguing with. if your wrong your screwed. if your right your screwed. If you can transfer your current contract stuff to your new phone you can keep unlimited I guess. If a new person starts a new contract they may not get unlimited. I don't think...
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    Verizon vs ATT

    Thing on top of the car? like in independence day? I heard that for a while people would buy those old phones still because they could get reception like anywhere!
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    Verizon vs ATT

    wow, what were the calling rates in 1988? what was the size of your phone? how long did the battery life last? That is awesome :camera:
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    Becarefull when buying iPhones from China

    I remember hearing a while back in the news that Apple was having some problems with its chinese manufacturers that were putting viruses and stuff on the ipods before being shipped out. That was a while back, pretty crazy. Some video iPods infected with Windows virus [Archive] - AppleInsider
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    my wife have an affair out ,how can i do ?

    who knew this forum could be so deep. Much respect to the courages men and women defending our country.
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    i hate verizon wireless

    agreed, did you read the contract? I have heard as such things as restocking fee's and other absurd fee's that make people rather keep their phones rather than deactivating them. And this includes policies that are marketed as "easy return" or "test for 30 days" But I hope you can at least...
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    Verizon vs ATT

    yeah its about location. So if your in the Los Angeles Area, stay away from any and all ATT services. I have been stuck with them for all my life, because they control my zone, so I can't get home phone or internet from anyone else. Then the iphone was only for ATT which was just as...
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    Concept Iphone 5 pics

    rumors say it will have a new name, like the iCheat