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    How long does old iphone stock take to deplete?

    I am not due for upgrade until April 2014. Will the iPhone I upgrade too mostly likely be still on iOS 7.0 or newer 7.1? I understand this is market dependent and many other variables but typically how long does it take to go through the older iOS stock? Is there somewhere or store that is...
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    Evasion icon still on springboard

    I jailbroke mine and my wife's 4s's. Mine seems to be working fine, but hers still has the evasion icon on the springboard and the springboard keeps crashing. Do I need to go through the process again? Should I restore or ??? first? or can I just run the jail break again?
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    Mute / Silent toggle

    Looking for a toggle that can totally mute my phone. Preferably something that is on the springboard. I have looked on cydia but I not finding exactly what I want. I know there are ring toggles but my kids games, movies and stuff still play. I want something that will mute everything at once...
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    Disable voice control

    How to disable Voice Control in iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. The below steps can be done on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak device. Step 1: Download i-Fun-Box Step 2: Launch i-Fun-Box and plug in your iDevice on your computer. Step 3: Once i-Fun-Box detect your iDevice, navigate to Raw File...
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    Tetherme & ipad2

    I have a 4s that is jail broken and an iPad2 that is not(iOS 5.1). Will tetherme let me connect the iPad to the iPhone? It doesn't seem to work and I'm not sure if it is settings or not possible. Thanks