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    Love Coupon App

    Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Start earning brownie points with 'Love Coupon Builder' for iOS. The idea is simple, put in the gift, recipient, expiration date, and even a 'secret code' that will be embedded in the QR code. Then you can send it as an official coupon to be loaded into...
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    Bible Reading Plan App

    Last year, I released an app called 5 Minutes With God for iOS. The app broke down the Gospel books in chronological order into 365 days, with a lesson along with each one. This year, I released 5 More Minutes With God, that goes through the rest of the New Testament. This one is in both iOS and...
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    [iOS] i Miss Mommy App Released (FaceTime Simulator)

    i Miss Mommy has just been released in the AppStore! The premise of the app is a simple one. Sometimes your kids may want to FaceTime with their mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, but they are unreachable. Simply have them record a "Call" for the kids in the app. Then, they can receive a...
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    A Fill in the Blank Editor

    Version 2.0 of this app as just released yesterday. It contains major performance updates. The idea of the app is for situations like a class in which you are given a questionairre or some other document in which you must fill in the blanks, but do not have a pencil. You can snap a quick...
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    Cute Video of my son shot with iPhone 4 edited with iMovie

    I shot this tonight with my iPhone 4 and edited with iMovie. His name is Gunner and he's almost 7 months old. He will be having open heart surgery in 3 weeks.
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    My iPhone 4/iMovie video

    Got to use my phone lots at my nephews bday party this weekend. Here is the link for the video completely shot and edited on my iPhone 4
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    My iPhone 4/iMovie video

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    Order Processing or Shipped?

    Well, mine still shows the status as Not Yet Shipped, but thought I'd start the thread anyhow. Post here when you see a change in Order Status from Apple or any other interesting shipping related info. Remember, delivery time very well may say 22nd or 23rd at the first, but Apple is real good...
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    Email Confirmation from Apple Site?

    Hello, My wife and I were both able to pre-order new iPhone 4's today. It shows up on our account under Order Status, but we still have not received an email confirmation. Should we concerned about this, or has anyone else received email confirmation? As long as it shows up in Order Status...