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    Clearing RAM on iPhone 11 Pro max

    I found this searching for a way to clear RAM memory from the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s a bit tricky but it does work. First you need to go to your settings, and under Accessibility and under “Physical and Touch”, turn on “Assistive Touch”, which will then show a virtual home button on your home...
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    Lost then found my AirPods

    Well I had a bad weekend as I thought I had lost my AirPods between home and work. All weekend I was bummed out! Came in to work this morning and checked the car we drive back and forth from home to work during the week. Well low and behold, my AirPods were under the drivers seat!! Whoo Hoo...
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    Which iPhone would you consider the best of all??

    Okay, here is one I haven’t seen yet. It may have been discussed already, not sure. Which iPhone model would you consider the best of all time? I only can go by what I have had myself. The 7 Plus is the one that I cannot seem to get rid of yet!! Anyone else feel the same, or are the newer...
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    Broke my Apple Watch series 3 got a series 4 now

    Well I have had some bad luck! While cleaning my series 3 Apple Watch, I dropped it and it hit on the side and completely shattered the screen! So I ended up getting a new series 4 44mm space grey w/ black band. I am currently updating it to newest iOS. It seems that while the update is...
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    Apple Watch screen customization not working correctly

    Hello All. I have the series 3 Apple Watch and after performing the update to iOS 5, I am unable to force touch screen to customize my screen. I am now forced to open my Watch app on my phone and perform customization to screens. Anyone else having this issue?? And yes I am very careful with...
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    Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But I did buy these for my IPhone 7 plus. It's Just an FYI to some possible members that shop at Walmart and happen to be looking for a not so bad pair of Bluetooth headphones ( on ear/over ear type). Walmart has them listed on their app...