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    I'm thinking of dumping AT&T

    So I switched to AT&T mobile share value plan with 4 lines a few months ago and I actually saved $60 a month. I upgraded to an iPhone 6 on September 19 and I found out that I do not qualify for a 2-year contract upgrade unless I pay them $25 a month per line. I either have to buy the phone...
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    How's T-Mobile in SoCal?

    I'm thinking of dumping AT&T and switching to T-Mobile. How is the coverage in Southern California - LA and San Fernando Valley area? Is it better to buy from T-mobile online, T-mobile store, Apple store or retailers? The T-Mobile online sales rep told me that they have a better deal if I...
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    AT&T vs T-Mobile

    I'm getting tired of paying data & voice overage with AT&T and I'm thinking of switching to T-Mobile. It looks like T-Mobile is trying to get people to switch by buying out their contract and they have cheaper plans. My question is, can I use my AT&T iPhone 5s or do I have to trade it on for a...
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    4G/LTE data usage

    I love the faster 4G and LTE on the iPhone 5 but it's eating up my data usage. I've only had my phone for 4 days and I've already used 77MB. Watch your data usage if you don't have an unlimited data plan. I have AT&T.
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    iPhone 5 photos and Facebook

    When I upload a photo from my iPhone 4 to facebook, I used to be able to move the photos from the mobile uploads to another album. If the photo is taken using my iPhone 5, the move option is not available anymore. The photo on the left is from an iPhone 5 and the right from an iPhone 4.
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    AT&T is selling refurbished iPhone4

    I noticed that AT&T is now selling refurbished iPhone4's. $149 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB. I just ordered another 32GB iPhone4.
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    Today (7/24) is the last day to return your iPhone 4

    If you purchased your iPhone 4 when it launched on June 24, today is your last day to return your phone for a full refund. If you are having issues with your iPhone 4, today is also the last day to exchange it for a new iPhone 4. After today, you'll have to settle for a refurbished phone...
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    Iphone case program ready

    Apple's iPhone 4 free case program is now ready. Click here to order yours. Apple - iPhone 4 - Case Program Your choices are: Apple's Bumper Incase Snap Case - Smoke Incase Snap Case - Clear Belkin Shield Micra - Clear Griffin Motif - Diamonds/Smoke Griffin Reveal Etch -...
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    Which free bumper/case would you recommend

    Now that Jobs has just announced that they will be giving away free bumpers and/or cases to alleviate the antenna problem, which case is best? If you have already purchased one or have seen one in person, I (an I'm sure other people are) would like to know which one I should get. I want one...