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    directions without data

    I have done a lot of Googling to find out if there is a way to travel without data. I vaguely remember using Galaxy 5 to do so. I think I established the route with data and when started I switched data off and kept receiving directions. Is there a way too get to there from here without data?
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    Xfinity/Comcast icon on iPhone

    I used to have an icon for each of my email accounts like Gmail, MS and Comcast. I think Comcast remove theirs which is an inconvenience to go to the blue mail editor lower left on home screen. Is there a work around to get an icon on the desk to reach the Comcast email other than the grouped...
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    photo from phone to desktop

    I have been uploading to Onedrive then downloading to desktop. Without a third party is there an easier way to send photos from phone to another Windrows drive or location? The cable is very awkward and time consuming.
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    iPhone XR calendar and Windows 10 desktop calendar

    My iPhone X calendar and calendar are fine except I see two numbers for each day as in big 2, little 2 net to it on the desktop(Windows 10. It appears two calendars are involved only in this respect but I cannot find where on either phone or desktop settings. Any ideas?
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    i Cloud and Windows 10 calendar

    To download I cloud to Windows 10,I saw on YouTube where one has to go to I cloud and click 2 step verification then manage to get a temporary password so the Windows calendar will function. I just went to i cloud and followed all the prompts. Without doing this and with Included downloaded to...
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    Moving finger to move cursor

    As I used to slide my finger over a word to work with it, there was just a single line to enable me to delete the letter or word. Now I find when I place my finger down the entire word is selected and it is difficult to find the single line to move to where I would like it.
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    copy bookmarks

    I have Windows 10 and iPhone XR. I wish to get the Chrome bookmarks on my phone over to to Safari. I have tried so many tutorials but they all use another Apple device like an iPad and I only have the iPhone and Windows.
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    My phone advises me it needs to be updated. Does this sound workable; If I click general>software update and one is available, I do so then use the phone and also use I tunes. If it just says it has not been backed up or two weeks, I just back up the phone itself? I keep my eye on I Cloud for...
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    iPhone X, Windows 10, Bluetooth

    I can send a photo to a google smart phone with Bluetooth and Windows 10. I cannot do that with an iPhone. Apple says it does not support that. However, a mod of a forum insists he has the same equipment and can do so with the iPhone. I do not usually need BT to do so as I have other means...