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  1. craigfoot

    iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.5

    You can Jailbreak 4.3.5 but it is only a tethered jailbreak, which means you MUST plug your phone into your computer to boot it up each time you need to reboot, or any time it needs to reboot (flat battery etc). There is no untethered JB for 4.3.5 and it doesn't look like there is going to be...
  2. craigfoot

    stiil cant get it

    Are you 100% sure that it is deleted and not hiding in some folder? If you go to the search screen (far left screen) can you find the app in there? If it comes up in there I would say that it is not deleted. Also, I'm assuming you've already tried rebooting your iphone to make sure it's not...
  3. craigfoot

    Remote Desktop Connection

    A quick google found a few of these apps (and some free versions) that should do exactly what you want. I googled "iphone mstsc", a few come up so have a look at them and give a couple a try to see which suits you best :)
  4. craigfoot

    Help! I'm PARANOID! Will tech guy be able to steal my photos?

    If what you need can be done, you can do it yourself with a little bit of research and some help if needed from the people on here. Everyone is more than happy to help. I wouldn't be paying anyone to JB / unlock. Once you reload the image over it when you do a Restore As New, it would be pretty...
  5. craigfoot

    Modem firmware update

    You can't, if/when a modem firmware is changed it is applied when the ios is installed. You can't opt to not upgrade the modem firmware.
  6. craigfoot

    Modem firmware update

    Yeah it will. You can find all the versions / baseband (modem) versions here.
  7. craigfoot

    Updating phone software.

    do you ever have internet problems? the file you are downloading is about 650mb so if there are any dropouts it will fail. try downloading it with a download manager which will resume if it fails.
  8. craigfoot

    .ipa install from iFunBox

    Please read and understand the rules before you post. No piracy discussion is allowed on the forums.
  9. craigfoot


    OK so only the icon is missing. Have you made sure the icon isn't on one of the end screens by mistake? Or accidentally dumped into one of your folders? It's easy to do. Also, have you got anything like Poof installed that lets you hide icons? I can't think of anything else it could be, is...
  10. craigfoot

    settings for recording video fps?

    im also interested in why you would want or need to do this. there are programs out there that let you reencode at a different fps by the way if you need to.
  11. craigfoot

    Hi 2nd time here new iPhone user please help I'm learning the not to smart way lol

    i think you are a couple versions old. can you upgrade to the latest itunes? i think its 10.4 at the moment. try upgrading and see if that helps.
  12. craigfoot

    iPhone's iPod

    That's really strange, but I've heard of this before, actually I think I had this problem on my old ipod years ago with random songs. If you play the podcasts in iTunes (on your computer) they play just fine right? If you haven't tried this try it. I'm fairly sure this is what was happening to...
  13. craigfoot

    settings for recording video fps?

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the iPhone records between 24 and 30fps doesn't it? Even so this isn't something that can be manually set using the Camera app. I guess this would change depending on the light that you are recording in. If I'm wrong about the fps someone feel free to...
  14. craigfoot


    It looks like something you meant to type into a search engine?
  15. craigfoot

    Recover deleted iphone 4 video

    Unless you backed it up with iTunes (or another app specifically for backing up like iBye) then you can't, unfortunately there is no where to restore it from.
  16. craigfoot


    I don't know if re-jailbreaking will get your App Store back. I don't know how you deleted it. If you go to the search on the iPhone is it there? You can get Cydia back by re-jailbreaking, or just by going to redsnow and selecting "Install Cydia". If App Store really is gone, your best bet...
  17. craigfoot

    Hi 2nd time here new iPhone user please help I'm learning the not to smart way lol

    What version of iTunes, and what errors exactly are you getting. The more details you post the better.
  18. craigfoot


    Welcome to the site Pana!!! Hope you enjoy it here.
  19. craigfoot

    Direct answer please

    The SHSH blobs are unique to your device. You cant use anyone elses. There is no way to downgrade without your own blobs.
  20. craigfoot

    Direct answer please

    Hello, Not unless you backed up your SHSH blobs using one of the many tools such as TinyUmbrella or iSHSHit. If you didn't backup your SHSH blobs then you cannot do downgrade. It's always best to back your SHSH blobs up as soon as you JB the current version of iOS on your phone.