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    Help! Wife getting error message about apple ID being disabled

    Mickey330, My wife is home and tried your suggestion. There is no Apple ID button listed on the bottom of her screen when she opens the app store. The buttons present include featured, top charts, genius, search, and updates. Any other thoughts? Thank you, Jim
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    Help! Wife getting error message about apple ID being disabled

    Hello, Posting in an effort to help my wife solve her iPhone 4s problem. We are on Verizon, and her phone is the 16gig model. Phone and all settings were fine until about a month ago. It came right after she downloaded iOS 6.01 - this went fine, but since then she has had this problem...
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    Can the default calendar alert be changed from "none" to "at time of event?"

    Hello, I have Googled my question and found nothing. I'm hoping someone here can help. I use the calendar feature on my iPhone 4s to manage my appointments. It's the default calendar, and I'm not interested in changing calendars. When I set the appointment, if I fail to set the alert, it's...
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    Loving my new 4s - what should I do with my OG droid?

    Hello, Title says it all. Droid in pristine condition - what should I do with it? Thank you, Jim
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    Another convert from Android

    Greetings! I posted here some time ago with questions about the iphone. After many weeks of reading, researching, and thinking, I went ahead and ordered a white 16g iphone 4s from Verizon. It will be delivered Tuesday and I am very excited! Picked up an Otterbox and screen protectors before...
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    Itunes required?

    The cumbersome nature of itunes. No way around it huh? Thank you, Jim
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    Itunes required?

    Hello, If I leave android and pick up an Iphone 4s, itunes is absolutely required for syncing, backups, etc., correct? Thank you, Jim
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    Considering iphone, question

    That is all gret news! Thanks everyone. As for maps, i rarely use it anywy, so no big deal there. Any chance verizon will have a buy-one-get-one special for the holidays? My wife wants one too! Jim
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    First time iPhone Family!

    Welcome! I am new here too, and also love all my apple toys!
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    Considering iphone, question

    Thank you microsnook! That is encouraging information. Jim
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    Considering iphone, question

    Hello, Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Currently using a OG droid, considering a move to iphone 4s after my daughter switched from her droid and has never been happier. I use my phone for calendar, texts, notes, email, and talk. I love google and use it for my calendar and...