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  1. JohnnyApple

    Site upgraded

    As you can see we have upgraded the site to the latest version of Xenforo. There are some changes and we still have some work to do. You should notice the site is a little bit faster and also now supports HTTPS/2 which means all the traffic is now encrypted. If you notice anything broken please...
  2. JohnnyApple

    Last Movie Watched?

    Dang Mission Control, may have to watch that... how did you like it?
  3. JohnnyApple

    iPhone X Case Thread

    If you get a chance please post a link to the Amazon or Best Buy or Ebay etc directly to the product, works better than screenshots.
  4. JohnnyApple

    Was anyone able to order an iPhone X yet?

    Got mine ordered but won't have a delivery until December 5th range :( Oh well.
  5. JohnnyApple

    iPhone 8/X Ears

    Saw this concept and must say I prefer this over the ears myself.... Earsbar What do you prefer?
  6. JohnnyApple

    Apple Event.

    I want to know about that battery life.
  7. JohnnyApple

    Apple Event.

    Most of the people that I know that have an Apple Watch love it... I've never used one.
  8. JohnnyApple

    Apple Event.

    Watching now... talking about campus which doesn't really matter to me.
  9. JohnnyApple

    Entire Jet Black iPhone 7 Range and All iPhone 7 Plus Models are Sold Out

    I sure hope my local Verizon or Apple store get some in stock for sale.
  10. JohnnyApple

    Are you getting AppleCare+ on your iPhone 7 [poll]

    I'm definitely getting it. The phone is so expensive (since I buy it outright) that the idea of being out of pocket $900 really bugs me.
  11. JohnnyApple

    iPhone 7 Pre-orders begin Friday, September 9th

    I'll bet getting one right away!
  12. JohnnyApple


    You're going to order one right away, I'm sure!
  13. JohnnyApple


    They just talked about the number of monkies and I was like, has it come to that? :)
  14. JohnnyApple

    Latest iPhone 7 Leaked Image Shows Full Final Design

    Very sad to see the headphone jack go!
  15. JohnnyApple

    Who all is playing Pokemon Go?

    Hopefully they will get the server load issues fixed up soon and they'll open it up for everyone.
  16. JohnnyApple

    Who all is playing Pokemon Go?

    Seems like everyone on my FB is playing it... who here is playing it?
  17. JohnnyApple

    Looks Like the iPhone 7 Will Have a Headphone Jack After All

    Glad to see that it looks like the Jack will be staying!
  18. JohnnyApple

    More iPhone 7 Rumors Suggest Water & Dust Proof as well as Touch-sensitive Home Button

    Couldn't agree more. No one wants to carry around an audio dongle everywhere just so they can plug it into their phone.
  19. JohnnyApple

    More iPhone 7 Rumors Suggest Water & Dust Proof as well as Touch-sensitive Home Button

    I love how they use the term "Resistant" which has no actual meaning... so if it gets wet and croaks, it's still on you. No, its not water proof, its just water RESISTANT.
  20. JohnnyApple

    Hacking ANY Smartphone is Far Easier Than Most People Realize

    If they are in fact hacking SS7, the ability to do this same thing has been present for decades. SS7 has been in use with land lines since I can remember. the AT&T 5ESS switch that is a common switch for entire towns uses it... and the 5E has been around since 1982. It's a bit scarier that...