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    Tell signs of hacked iPhone 4s?

    if you are concerned about this then do a restore in iTunes this will then get rid of anything that's not supposed to be there and make it like new ^^
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    My iphone delted all my photos?

    same but luckily i had a backup on dropbox ^^
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    auto correct issue

    my one seems to learn new words but only after a few times of typing it and then it puts red lines under them and its up to me if i want to change it :p
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    two different types iphone 4s vibrator motors

    the black spot on it is a cushion which i think stops it being noisy :)
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    iPhone 4s - Self timer for camera?

    not by default but I'm sure there's an app for that :p
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    I just called myself?

    don't mean to scare anyone but isn't this how "hackers" get into your voicemail because it thinks you are directly calling it from your mobile it bypasses passwords so you get straight in. and if you call yourself usually goes directly to voicemail :s
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    Silicone case that won't stretch?

    you wont be disappointed they are really good cases and free :D
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    Silicone case that won't stretch?

    Hey, 1st dont buy cheap ones off ebay because most of them just strech when you put them on for the first time, 2nd get this FREE case FREE iPhone 4S Cases / ZooGue Promotion only pay shipping. i received mine a few days ago and i think its fantastic all 5* reviews and it looks and feels...
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    Mute problem

    probably getting confused with ringer volume and device volume, only thing i can recommend is go to settings > sounds and set the toggle change with buttons to off then put the slider all the way up, that should make ringing louder and the volume will only control things like music/video.
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    what is this and should i be messing with it XD

    yes but they all say it dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ , but i have not seen anything with the description for capture thing?
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    Battery life of my 4s

    This any good?
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    what is this and should i be messing with it XD

    Just putting in random codes and came across this, and if I tap reply I get this, I don't want to type anything just encase it does something bad. Anyone know what it is/does? XD
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    iPhone 4/4S signal issues (Microcell)

    ahh sry I am from England ^^ that's why I have not heard of it :D
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    iPhone 4/4S signal issues (Microcell)

    sounds like a hardware problem... doesn't seem like anyone else has had this problem o.O
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    Help with my first apple pruduct

    hey switch it off and hold down the home button while plugging in the usb and should go into recovery mode then in itunes click restore ^^
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    Cracked back glass

    actually made me laugh XD
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    Battery life of my 4s

    im on ios 6 beta 2 and they have improved the battery life i can easily get through a day now. 6+ hours of usage
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    Pointer on Maps

    you are welcome. Have a nice day ^^
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    Pointer on Maps

    just click the my location button twice and should rotate the map to correspond with the direction you are facing ^^ (only works on iphone 3gs, 4, 4s)
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    any one know the Ios 6 rls date?

    stop being negative :p you just need your UDID registerd on a developer account and it will let you install IOS 6