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  1. hookbill

    iOS8 and Data Usage

    I just returned to Verizon after being with T-Mobile. It seems there is a slight increase in data usage with the iPhone 6, IOS 8.02 but nothing I would consider significant. Don't forget IOS 8.1 coming on Monday. That should increase the confusion. :)
  2. hookbill

    iPhone Mythbusting! Let's separate the facts from the fiction.

    You're still the best Skull.
  3. hookbill

    iOS8 and Data Usage

    Well, perhaps that is true when you are not in a wifi area, cold explain to me some of my unknown data usage. But having it set to use data usage does not apply if you are using WiFi If you turn Mobile data off you cannot use visual voicemail. I found that to be frustrating, I couldn't get the...
  4. hookbill

    has anyone else noticed that iPhone charging cable's tend to break near the connecto

    Odd, happened to my 2 year old cable that I keep by my Chromebook to charger my phone. I just grabbed some electrical tape and securely covered it.
  5. hookbill

    iPhone 5 Will Only Charge When Dead

    Seems sort of odd. I've never seen that except when I hooked my iPhone 5 up to a speaker/charger (non apple) that I had. I suggest a trip to the Apple Store to see if someone from Genuis Bar.
  6. hookbill

    Where is everyone from?

    I live in Bainbridge Twp., OH. But I am really from the South Bay Area of Los Angeles County. I have lived in Hawthorne, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Lennox, and Hermosa Beach. I also spent a few years in Culver City, that's not in the South Bay but it's sort of famous. What use to be MGM...
  7. hookbill

    Help save me from going back to android..

    A wise decision. Glad you came to that conclusion.
  8. hookbill

    They weren't kidding about Atomic Browser!

    Before I got my iPhone I installed Atomic Browser and you're correct in your assessment. It's a great browser. The only problem though is you can't make it a default browser. Safari is the default browser at all times. When Google made Chrome for IOS that was a deal for me. Most of the...
  9. hookbill

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the Forum. I like your attitude, that's what this Forum is all about. We are all here to help each other learn.
  10. hookbill

    iTunes 11 will not sync music to iPhone 3GS OS 6 after upgrade from iTunes 10 to iTun

    Great idea, I've done that with tones and music both. Works fine.
  11. hookbill

    I-Phone 5 & Texting to Android Operating Systems

    Text is just basic cell phone operation. It shouldn't matter what type of phone you have, if you send an MMS and it doesn't go through then it's probably the provider that had the issue. I always used the basic stock messaging app with my Bionic and never had issues. My wife has a T-Bolt, and...
  12. hookbill

    Static Icons vs Windows & Android live Icons

    On an iPhone you press the settings button then you press bluetooth then on or off. On an Android you go to the screen that has the widget, press the widget. Easier? Yes, but it just isn't enough to make me want to go back to Android. I loved my live wall paper on my Android phone but now...
  13. hookbill

    Help save me from going back to android..

    If that's your only reason then it's a pretty poor one. With an android phone I had to go to the home screan with the widget on it, lets say press wifi to turn it off or blue tooth to turn it on. I too was disappointed at not seeing widgets, but the reality of it is it's just not that hard to...
  14. hookbill

    AppleCare--can I transfer it to an IP5?

    Welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with Best Buys plan, I am a bit familiar with Apple Care. The question to ask is, what does it cover? Apple Care does not cover a lost or stolen phone. Assurion and Ensquared does because that is actual insurance. Your iPhone comes with a one year...
  15. hookbill

    Disappointed with iphone 3GS, cancelling contract early

    Say's who? AT&T sold you that phone probably at a reduced rate. How does getting a SIM card from a different company make your contract with AT&T void? What probably will happen is they will charge you an early termination fee. I don't know how much that will be, you'll have to check with...
  16. hookbill

    iTunes 11 will not sync music to iPhone 3GS OS 6 after upgrade from iTunes 10 to iTun

    What is your sync option in music? Selected files or entire library? Try selecting the files, even if it was entire library and see if it syncs the, or maybe test a few songs. I don't know why you deleted the music off of your phone, I'm sure you have a good reason. I have mine set to sync...
  17. hookbill

    SMS, MMS on iPhone 5

    Being a former moderator in an android forum the question of text message issues came up frequently. IMHO I believe it's either a problem with your provider or a problem with whomever you are sending the text to provider. Now if the people you send to have AT&T or you do then I would be highly...
  18. hookbill

    iTunes 11 = No Lyrics Plugin

    There was a way on my mac that was an app you could purchase from the App Store. When I went to windows I did a search and found a plug in. It was nice because if the lyrics weren't available it would allow you to Google the song and the paste the lyrics in. And this was done by using the...
  19. hookbill

    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    Waiting for my wife to come home. Hopefully she will be here within the hour. After this visit I won't see her again until Christmas. And I'm trying to accept the reality that I'm a diabetic. I just got the news today. I don't have to take drugs, at least not now, just a change in diet...
  20. hookbill

    New charging port did not fix my iphone

    Is this the same phone that had a dark screen? If it is then why start new threads? Be nice to have the history all in one spot; If it isn't sorry for the intrusion.