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  1. iShawn

    Talk to text problem

    The talk to text feature your talking about is included with the Siri feature. And if you have the emoji keyboard set as your second keyboard, the talk to text button will not be there. It's either one or the other.
  2. iShawn

    Weird signal bar problem

    In my room now I'm either getting 1 bar, or none. I used to get 2 or 3... it seems like the bars are miscalculating. I'm so confused on how this can be happening, and I'm a little OCD about my phone.
  3. iShawn

    Weird signal bar problem

    Yeah i've done that, i'd prefer to see bars. I'm just wondering what I could have possibly done to make them not update as frequently.
  4. iShawn

    I NEED HELP PLEASE! iphone stuck on reset loop

    Go here : iClarified - iPhone - Where To Download iPhone Firmware Files From and download the firmware file for iOS 5.1.1 .. Then open iTunes, put phone in DFU mode. Hold down shift as you click Restore. then select the firmware file that you just downloaded.
  5. iShawn

    Help with iPhone 4

    When you go to Settings > Messages, will it let you login to the Apple ID? Once you login with the Apple ID with iCloud and iMessage, it should bring her contacts back, and it should match her Apple ID and her telephone number so she'll start receiving iMessage. In iTunes, when you plug the...
  6. iShawn

    text messages to multiple phones

    Yes, go to Settings > Messages > Turn off Group Messaging.
  7. iShawn

    Weird signal bar problem

    Okay, so I am using an AT&T iPhone 4S 16GB. Two days ago I jailbroke my phone using Absinthe. I, then, realized that my signal bars were getting frozen.. For instance, it would say I have three bars, and then when I move around the house or go outside, it stays at 3 bars, until I turn on...
  8. iShawn

    Starting fresh with iTunes

    Okay so i actually figured it out. But now when I go to plug my iPhone in, it syncs all my apps to iTunes, which is good, but it takes everything out of their folders and re-arranges them however it wants. What is it doing?
  9. iShawn

    Do You Use a Case?

    I really like the iPhone 4 Replicase's that they sell on Amazon. You can choose from different colors. And they look exactly like the back of the iPhone. Pretty neat and it still adds protection...
  10. iShawn

    Data Usage

    Navigation can use more data than the average application as well. Depends if your taking a 10 minute trip or a 10 hour trip. Other than that, I agree with streaming music and video.. (Hours of Pandora is a no no)
  11. iShawn

    Starting fresh with iTunes

    Okay, so if I deleted all the apps out of iTunes, then sync my apps again. Will it erase my apps on my iPhone, or will it start fresh and sync all the apps that I presently have on my iPhone?
  12. iShawn

    Starting fresh with iTunes

    Okay, I am afraid of iTunes because of past experiences with it. Everytime I plug my iPhone into my computer, my old apps that were loaded into iTunes merge with my apps on my NEW iPhone, taking everything out of their folders, and making my phone a mess. Here is what I want to do: I want to...
  13. iShawn

    Speech To Text

    Alright, thank you!
  14. iShawn

    Speech To Text

    Is there Cydia tweak or any way to get the microphone on the iPhone 4 keyboard so you can use speech-to-text? I don't want Siri or anything like that, just that specific option.