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    data usage

    you can reset your data usage in settings, bit crude but use it like the odometer milage counter in a car. Seems more apps record your location in the background even while your not usung that particular app, I'd guess this impacts on your data usage. You might have several navigation photo...
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    Carriers Found to be Pushing Samsung Phones Much More Than iPhones

    Apple have increased profits, Samsung have not afaik.
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    How to Use Find My iPhone to Locate Lost or Stolen iPhone

    i think the only thing you can do is tell Apple via your airtime supplier that the phone has been lost, they can block it making it effectively an ipod. at least whoever finds it can't then make calls.
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    This is the only place I could "create a question" - (s) Newbie

    if you wish to reply to a thread post, look at the bottom right corner it has two icons Quote and Reply. there are many of our members who like you work in IT, and i encompass IT in my business. this board uses a different app than most i have joined, so layout is different but very effective...
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    I am having trouble finding Help on my Iphone.

    Try Guide 360 for iPhone 5, even if you have the 4 or 4s much of it will still apply and for a huge sum of £0.69 pence, there's got to be something that will help you. one if your main frustrations it seems is closing down a window completely, if you have several pages open then look along the...
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    I am having trouble finding Help on my Iphone.

    coming to iOS from other platforms is a learning curve, frustrating at first but like doing a crossword, once you get behind the mind that wrote it your on your way. simple things like enlarging text to insert a character is achieved by hold your finger on text, it will produce a magnifying...
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    Awaiting i6 release

    thats going to be relative to users needs ;). i'm still using my 4S 32, and tbh it is absolutely fine for my needs which are mainly for my business. i just think it is so hard for Apple to really beat having lived through windows phones, i don't play games or watch video on it, SIRI for me was...
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    Account suspended

    i just got one of these 'Apple id suspended' email messages, along with a link to reset it. not being one who follows any link of this type without investigating properly, as this is a common type of method used in many bank scams i googled it. Softpedia reports a scam (based on this message)...
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    BT Smart Talk App

    just to add, i get a rubbish mobil signal at home, using WiFi i can now use my phone (outgoing) and have my full contact list available. not sure what happens if i get an incoming landline call at the same time - could get interesting :)
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    BT Smart Talk App

    i spoke to BT today, the girl knew of the app but was not fully aware what you could do. might suit some to go payg instead of contract as example, depending on users usage of coarse, but a nifty way for BT to get call time that your competitors would normally handle, and get client base over...
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    BT Smart Talk App

    Hi guys, we all like to save a few pennies, i recently reviewed my internet and landline phone costs. i was on BT for landline and Infinity 1 internet, thats not a boast, i got 40 meg per month. I changed to infinity 2 and now get unlimited 80meg download and 20 upload. I run a small business...
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    Make iphone louder

    i think that will only happen if the speaker drivers are increased in size. you do realise the output is only mono direct from the handset?
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    Make iphone louder

    cheapest option is place the handset inside a ceramic bowl and tilt it towards you :).
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    tracking A stolen phone

    Similar to the UK, i'd try an angle of you can prove you are the legal owner, you have a crime report number. Verizon have admitted it has been activated so they will know on which network - just as do Apple. Make a formal request as the legal owner to have the phone blocked. As you paid by card...
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    tracking A stolen phone

    i find this very strange tbh, ok Verizon can't pass on the info direct to the client but could they not contact Apple to switch the phone off, just as you can having activated then lost your handset and informed them in the 'normal' way? The o/p won't likely get their handset back, but will...
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    Make iphone louder

    there a various small stand alone audio amps on the market, you plug the amplifier input into the phones headphone socket, the amps output to speakers or headphones.
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    So what is the next big phone/tablet inovation?

    not knocking, personally i think Samsung are riding more on a wave of trend than innovation. They have chosen to release a larger screen which was brave as in the past larger screen handsets simply did not grab the core customers attention. The app writers (to their credit) have become so...
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    So what is the next big phone/tablet inovation?

    not just another iOS V Android thread, thats all been done to death in here :). News reports of a slide in the sales of smartphones iirc 11%, so i thought this is due to the quad dip recession but is it really due to the lack of fresh must have idea's? Whatever your flavour or make loyalty...
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    Iphone 4

    check the switch on the left side, if it is red sounds are turned off.
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    Best Ringtones

    word of caution, pick a rude one it can backfire. my grandson changed ringtone for his number to 'jingle bells' the version was using - lets say an 'abdominal instrument'. so i'm at dinner with a very important client and his wife when he phones me. panic set in as i could not get my phone...