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  1. raphaelkahn

    Play iphone podcasts through Lexus speakers

    I have an iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4 and would like to listen to my downloaded podcasts through my Lexus is250 (2007 model) car speakers. I purchased a 3.5 to 3.5mm audio cable and tried it from the AUX jack in the handrest console, but it does not work for me. Appreciate any help to achieve this...
  2. raphaelkahn

    Exporting iphone 5 Notes to new Note app with RTF

    I am a huge user of the built-in Notes app in the iPhone 5. However it lacks rich text formatting (wish Apple would address this). Does anyone know of a Notes app. with RTF that will allow me to import my existing 600+ notes to it? I have OneNote, which looks cool, but can't seem to import my...
  3. raphaelkahn

    Religious or public holidays embedded in calendar

    Hi, I have downloaded a good app which lists all public holidays and religious holidays; What I am seeking is for these [selected] special days to be embedded directly into my calendar so I can locate them there automatically, rather than have to look them up in the app. Anyone have a solution...