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  1. smalltowngirl13

    Are you Unhappy with your X?

    I am quite impressed with the iPhone X and quite happy to have one :)...the build quality is great, the size is wonderful, face ID is pretty cool, I like the sound quality thru the speakers (calls and music) - overall pleased with the phone. I can safely say that I haven't had one instance...
  2. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    Definitely keep us posted!
  3. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    That would be Kansas State that's purple lol Kansas is blue and crimson - Rock Chalk Jayhawks lol [emoji854]...
  4. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    I was using a Zagg protector and it did a great job but I didn't like the tiny space between the edge of the X and the protector. So I am testing some different styles - I ordered this one from Amazon and I like that it has a colored border. It runs to the actual edge and has fit well with the...
  5. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Tips and Tricks Thread

    I wear contacts (some days colored contacts even) and set my face ID up wearing contacts and haven't had any issues with glasses when I wear them or changing the color of my eyes lol with different contacts. I can't answer on a baseball cap lol but wearing a stocking hat hasn't affected the...
  6. smalltowngirl13

    Have I made a big mistake getting the iPhone X?

    I have been an iPhone user since the 6 Plus time & each time a new "Plus" was released, I picked it up even if there wasn't much change in the aesthetics, hardware, software, etc - prior to coming to the iPhone, I was a big Android user and loved the larger phones there as well - especially the...
  7. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    That would be Ms. Ella Bella - 100% attitude lol... Unless you meant my home screen lol that was a view around Pagosa Springs, Co after hiking up to see some ice fissures.
  8. smalltowngirl13

    Official "I've Pre-ordered the iPhoneX!"

    Soooooo lol... Did you pick up your X?
  9. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    Haha yes [emoji854]... Still waiting for your review on the arrival of the rest of the Moshi cases you ordered...
  10. smalltowngirl13

    Do the 10 user get an update

    Hopefully soon, I am seeing a couple of apps a day being updated to fit the X screen...
  11. smalltowngirl13

    Got My 10 and Have a Big Smile

  12. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    Last case is the Apple Silicone Case in Product Red. Since @Scottysize had recommended previously in thread, I thought I would pick one up. I love the velvety feel on the outside of the case and the look and feel of the inside (the part of the case next to the glass back). The inside has a very...
  13. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    I also picked up the LifeProof Next case...I had the Slam previously which I ended up returning as I think I will this one as well. The Slam case was easy to apply and felt good in hand but I was not pleased with plasticky feel. This one falls into that category as well, it sounds like I'm...
  14. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    Next case is the Atomic Slim by Ghostek - trimmed in red and clear back. The frame is aluminum and metal type button accents that line up pretty well. The edges of the case are smooth, not overly slick but not much texture for grip. There is a ridge on both sides that I am sure it's designed for...
  15. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    I picked up a few cases this weekend... First is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid in red trim with a clear back. Adds some grip to the side and is an overall slim case. Works with wireless charging with no issues.
  16. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X ‘notch remover’ app warning

    I was very apprehensive about the notch when I watched the keynote release. However after receiving my X on release day, the concern over the notch vanished for me after just a couple of hours of use. I know it is different for everyone and how they use their phone and what they are viewing - so...
  17. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    Dang and here is to hoping you find something soon!
  18. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    @Bkdodger looks very good! When is your X gonna be here?
  19. smalltowngirl13

    Yup. I Broke It

    I think you have the worst luck in early ownership [emoji846]... Didn't something similar happen with last year's Apple Watch? I was feeling very ill for you but extremely happy to see the joyous outcome... Maybe consider bubble wrap and I hope you got rid of that couch lol...
  20. smalltowngirl13

    iPhone X Case Thread

    Has anyone used a RhinoShield bumper and mod style case? Intrigued by the concept...