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    Last Movie Watched?

    Watching Joe vs Carole right now. It's interesting to see it from her POV. Joe got us all hating her in 2020. LOL
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    Oh wow. I never got notified. Sorry. In the past year I’ve had both Apple TVs and the earbuds work with either. I still use mine and still love them. Best earbuds ever.
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    Does iPhone X get too hot?

    My iPhone sits on Qi chargers. One on my desk, one in my car, and one by my bed. No heat.
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    What did I do wrong - photos gone

    Sounds like you turned on the option to offloaded the photos, but I thought the portrait was still there when you did that. I don't know. I've always had plenty of space and never turned that on.
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    Laugh of the Day

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    iPhone 11 Phablet?

    There are a lot of articles talking about how bad my beloved phone is. I stopped reading them month ago. I'll keep my X ;)
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    Laugh of the Day

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    Laugh of the Day

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    iPhone X Case Thread

    They have a new Black Camo skin that I had to get. Thanks for the reminder. I always forget about DBrand. I've been wanting to take my case off for a while now and run without one for a bit.
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    Laugh of the Day

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    iPhone 11 Phablet?

    Anyone interested in a phablet from Apple? The rumor mill is a huge 6.5" to 7.5" iPhone screen added to the 5.8" X we have now. (Yes, I know it won't be called an X.) So. Anyone going to get one, if Apple makes it? Personally for me, I love the size of my X. I won't be going with a larger...
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    Laugh of the Day

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    Laugh of the Day

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    Laugh of the Day

    Good Morning!
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    Verizon to Stop Selling Unlocked iPhones

    Well, I just bought my last iPhone from Verizon. I pretty much only get them from Apple anyway, but like for the X, I had to order from both sites to get it quickly.
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    Laugh of the Day

    National Love your Pet day:
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    Laugh of the Day

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    iPhone X LCD leak, no point of impact, no coverage

    I'd ask to speak to someone else, but I see their side too. The phone's 6 weeks old. This problem should have surfaced before then. IDK. It's why I won't have a phone of this caliber without insurance.
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    iPhone X rounded corners

    It's funny. Everyone talks about the zoom and how it cuts off parts of the video like it's only an apple thing. Pixel XL not zoomed (Look Familiar?): Pixel XL Zoomed: Same boarders on the XL, but you also have the large top and bottom bezel to add to the side boarders. Zooming in gets...