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  1. I_Luv_Apple

    Apple Watch and apps

    Anyone in the UK with the apple watch? I want to test mine but don't know anyone that has one yet.
  2. I_Luv_Apple

    Converted Samsung Rep Now A Happy iPhone 5S Owner

    Excellent choice! A fellow Welshman!😄
  3. I_Luv_Apple

    people selling the 5s/5c so soon after purchase

    When I queued up to purchase my iPhone 5S gold 80 percent of the people in the queue were purchasing phones to sell on eBay etc abroad for a profit. One guy I spoke to informed me that this was because the profit they make allows them to gain a phone for free. Additionally, there are...
  4. I_Luv_Apple

    Happy with Iphone 5S

    A week on and I'm delighted with my gold iPhone 5S! I can't stop marvelling at the design and features! I was considering buying various other phones such as a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC but am so glad I held out. Anyone else share my sentiments?
  5. I_Luv_Apple

    Dynamic Wallpaper

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know of any wallpaper apps that can be used to change the dynamic wallpaper? The apps that I have tried so far on iTunes that advertise this facility charge don't seem to work.
  6. I_Luv_Apple

    Who upgraded from a 5 to 5s? Happy?

    I am very happy! I've had it a week now and really love the colour and design. The fingerprint reader and slow mo camera are particular favourites of mine.
  7. I_Luv_Apple

    The Golden Ticket

    it really does! My son has the slate which is also very nice.
  8. I_Luv_Apple

    The Golden Ticket

    sorry😄 I have been playing with it the entire day. It's the gold. I adore my phone :) so happy
  9. I_Luv_Apple

    The Golden Ticket

    I have the golden ticket. At last!!!! :)
  10. I_Luv_Apple

    The Golden Ticket

    Congratulations!!!! I so want one. How is it? There doesn't seem to be any in the uk. :(
  11. I_Luv_Apple

    The official I got my iPhone 5s thread!

    Did anyone manage to get hold of the gold yet? I'd love to see photos.
  12. I_Luv_Apple

    The official I got my iPhone 5s thread!

    yes me too
  13. I_Luv_Apple

    Share your iphone 5s delivery estimate!

    I'm in the uk and have been my delivery date simply states October. I'm waiting for the gold 32gb.
  14. I_Luv_Apple

    The Golden Ticket

    Im curious, did anyone manage to get hold of the Gold iphone? Apple is starting to become more and more like Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory each year.
  15. I_Luv_Apple

    Upgrade to iPhone 5 32gb or Samsung gs4

    Excellent choice! :)
  16. I_Luv_Apple

    Upgrade to iPhone 5 32gb or Samsung gs4

    Hi Dan, It depends on what's your looking for from your phone. The iPhone 5 is smaller and more portable that the Samsung galaxy s4, it's lighter and in my opinion looks much better than the galaxy. You also will be familiar with the IOS and its reliable.
  17. I_Luv_Apple

    Drop test proves the iPhone 5 to be more durable than the Galaxy S4

    I can't understand why anyone would want to smash their new phones.
  18. I_Luv_Apple

    Microsoft mocks Apple fans in a new Lumia ad

    You have got to admit that's a funny ad.... 😄
  19. I_Luv_Apple

    Is the Iphone 5 uncool now?

    It's at the top in the browser bar. You click on it to activate it and it turns purple.