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  1. MissyBubz

    My iPhone 4s now won't charge off my laptop...

    I've had my iphone 4s since the day it came out - it has been able to charge off my laptop for the past 4-5 days - i have just plugged my iphone into my laptop and now it doesn't seem to want to charge even though ive tried another USB wire- HELP =[
  2. MissyBubz

    Getting a new iphone ...apps

    Thankyou to all of you who replied :) much appreciated.
  3. MissyBubz

    Getting a new iphone ...apps

    Can u expand on exactly how to do that so I don't loose anything off this phone please. Thanks in advance
  4. MissyBubz

    Getting a new iphone ...apps

    I am hoping to get the new iPhone - but is there anyway I can move the apps on this iPhone over to the new phone? As not wanting to spend the money again for my apps or have to start all over again on my app games. Thanks to those who can help :)